WeLcOmInG HoMe….♡ MoNdAy MuSiNGs

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Monday! I hope your had an especially wonderful weekend. The weather here in Southern California was absolutely gorgeous. A perfect time for Fall decorating…..(smile)

Note: This might be a rather long post today. So go grab your favorite drink, and pull up a chair and get comfy. 

My mother often emphasized that first impressions count. Unfortunately, in my youth I often heard that as a daunting warning. My adult self now embraces it as a warm opportunity…to create a home that makes guests and family feel instantly at home. Both my parents had a hospitable heart. And, of course…that’s most important in creating a warm welcome to others.

Oh, and btw have you started any of your fall decorating?

I enjoy adding  little tidbits of decor for the changing seasons.Today, I’m going to spend a little time discussing how I utilize space in our 1920’s cottage.

One of my readers had written me a beautiful e-mail. She asked me if I could address organizational tips. hmmmm...well, I will certainly try. My idea is to take a different room in the cottage every  Monday. … And share with my readers how I decorate,  and organize it with the seasons.

 I’m not an expert at all. Just someone who has found a way to live happily where I am.

So, today I’m sharing the entryway of the cottage.

The welcome room.This particular room I refer to as our cabin  It is a small room by today”s standards.

However, it reeks of charm.This is the main entrance where all our friends/family know to knock. Dutch doors open up… and says “Welcome”

 It’s extremely cozy. I have a hat stand. For me the welcome is the most important first impression to any home.

 My little hat stand says ” You’re welcome here. I’m so glad to see you. Please come in, and make yourself at home.”

There’s a small wooden table which holds a candle.

A sweet little fireplace.

All these reflect the warmth of home that I’d like to share with our guests. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment, or a large mansion. The first impression of welcoming your guests is what counts. The basics should be present, of course: a place to wipe feet, a place to hang coats/hats. We are lucky to have a small fireplace in the cabin…which of course adds warmth.

Personally, I don’t enjoy having a TV show. So, I hide it in it’s own little room.

 There are little drawers for CD’s.

 Our cabin also has a wonderful cupboard.

This is where I store many of the dishes, and other items I use for entertaining.

 I have it fairly organized according to holidays/celebrations, and seasonal Tea parties.

In the cabin, there are a few decorating books,

and of course my husband’s New Yorker. Of course. 

A couple of decorative lamps

 four comfy chairs, a tea cart, and coffee table.

Pretty simple…yet perfect for how we live. And, that my friend is the secret. To create an environment comfy for your lifestyle….whatever that is. The message I want my guests to leave with is “I really am glad you came. And, I just can’t wait until you come back!.”

Marcia’s Cottage Tip:
Periodically try to look at your “welcome room” with fresh eyes. Go out on the front step, ring your own doorbell, and walk inside.  Look around you as if you had never seen the place before.  What catches your eye?  What do you like”  What detracts from the welcoming, at home feeling?



Ps… Oh,  and don’t forget to have a fabulous week!

“We welcome you most cordially.We welcome you most regally.” ~Frank Baum

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