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“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love” ~Romans 12:10 Happy beginning of a new month! July. And, with it comes the heat of the summer, and hopefully being good to ourselves with a little added leisure time. And what could be more leisurely than sitting outside at home with family, friends, or neighbors. A favorite past time for me has often been driving through neighborhoods where I’ve lived. Here on the coast many of the neighborhoods appear to spread into the trees behind foilage and fences on the long,  quiet streets near and above the Pacific Ocean. Everywhere there … Read the full blog post

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Peek at cottage floor

Hi I’m so excited that I just had to share a peek of our new cottage floor. Only a peek, because I’m not quite ready to give a tour. But I promise I will. ♡  

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A Serene Saturday Night?

As we settled into a prime location on our favorite bluff overlooking a calm moonlit sea, enjoying the effects of a leisurely dinner on our first Saturday night date night in a while, our reverie was broken by the frantic phone calls being made by a woman as she alternately peered through her binoculars and spoke in the phone. “I can see him,  I can see him! ” We heard. Roused by our curiosity my husband inquired of the seeming emergency. “My son is in that fishing boat out there, that’s the little light! We just found out, that he … Read the full blog post

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The 7 Day Nature Challenge

“Colors are the smiles of nature… they are her laughs, as in flowers. ” ~Leigh Hunt Hi. …how’s your summer going?  I just returned from a walk on the beach. This is a fabulous time of year on the Oregon coast. Fresh clean air. Cooler weather. Glorious. I’m very fortunate to live in an area that is abundantly filled with all the beauty of nature. And, today is your lucky day my friend. We are going on a nature stroll. Don’t worry it won’t take long to share photos from a recent Facebook photo challenge I experienced. The challenge included sharing … Read the full blog post

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Living a Charmed Life

“People go to Napa…they don’t live in Napa.”~Carrie Bradshaw “Sex and the City” Living on the magnificent, breathtaking, serene, quiet, Oregon coast naturally lends itself for a need to get away from it all. W.h.a.t!???? Yes, dear reader even when you live in almost paradise, there are those times when you just need to escape your surroundings. With that said I do love my coast, however I am a recent transplanted city gal also lOVE perusing through fun, & interesting shops. So, recently when I read that in celebration of it’s 50th anniversary Coos Bay Art Museum was hosting the 2016 Arts & … Read the full blog post

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Hello…. I hope you had a nice week. I have so many things I wanted to share with you about my week. The gorgeous weather, shopping excursions, progress in the cottage. Just a little of this and that about my experiences living this new journey on the Oregon coast. And, since experiencing loss is oftentimes part of any journey, I decided to write about Earl a beloved furry child who recently passed away. His path crossed mine for a wonderful 17 plus years, so there are many stories to share about this little guy. Stories I will continue to hold close and dear. … Read the full blog post

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It’s June Again

    Yikes! It’s swimsuit season again. What happened? I meant to be thinner by this time! Whoops….I forgot. I must be getting older. My memory keeps playing games with me. I think I meant to spend March, April, and May working out at a gym. Wait a second… I don’t belong to a gym. Or had I wanted to eat more alfalfa, and raw carrots? Hmmmm….but I don’t eat that stuff either. Thankfully! Living on the coast has somehow helped me forget that ice cream, pizza, and chili rellenos are not weight-reducing items. I love coastal living!  forgot that sitting … Read the full blog post

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