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Postcards From Abroad…The Ritz Hotel

  “Le Ritz, c’est ma maison” -COCO CHANEL   Hello…       Today Joe and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary!             and just arrived at our big destination…     The Ritz Hotel in Paris, France…More      we had been planning this trip for quite some time…15 years                   as you might imagine…we were so excited…     From the moment we arrived we were overwhelmed with the service…elegance…and beauty of the hotel.         As we waited for our lunch reservations we were invited to tour the hotel by a staff member…                         After the tour we were seated out in the garden in a private area for lunch.             It was a perfect day in … Continue reading

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The Holiday Season is Upon Us🎄

        “Christmas won’t be Christmas without my presents” -Jo March (Louisa May Alcott)   Hello! I thought I’d drop in… today🎄       My inner voice is speaking loudly.         I’m actually on my way to church to practice the piano for Sunday’s service.     However…I spent a good part of the day perusing one of my favorite shops…Katrina Katheen’s     I think this is becoming a tradition of mine… the day after Thanksgiving I drive 20+ miles to enjoy beginning of the holiday season.         I had memories of  California and all the familiar sites and sounds I used to frequent during this time of year.  If you ever read any of my very early blogs you might remember that in my California home I had a whole closet filled with Christmas and decorating items… Back in … Continue reading

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Paris…The Eiffel Tower

                                   “A walk in Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and the point of life” – Thomas Jefferson, American President Hi!   So here we are…first day in Paris!         All checked into our hotel arrival     and after resting a bit decided to go for a walk.     Just a few doors down from the hotel we saw a cafe that served a variety pastas and salads…and got a little something to eat first.     After dinner we strolled over to the Eiffel Tower…about     because it wasn’t that far from our hotel.     It was a beautiful evening and before we knew it…     there it was…     the magnificent tower.     There was an entrance you had to go through just … Continue reading

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Postcards From Abroad…Arrival in Paris💋

         “Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Battuta   Hi!       So today Joe and I are brimming with excitement because we are going to France…specifically Paris…which is the major part of our trip.     We arrived at the station early… so I had time to do a little shopping…and while I was paying for a purchase in a Cath Kidston shop the sales girl told me I had an amazing accent. I told her that I thought she had the amazing accent. 😉 When it was time we got in line for the Chunnel and noticed we needed to go through customs again. We got through with minimal baggage in tow…hopped in car 11…and found our seats. Even though we had been on the Chunnel before during a summer vacation in 2005 we were so excited with … Continue reading

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Postcards From Abroad…The Avonmore Hotel London…A Manicure…& Bon Vivant

            “The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way”  -anonymous   Hello!     I’m heading out to join friends for lunch…and before I go I just had to share a bit more of my travels.         Today we continue along with the second half of our trip where we got off from the Heathrow Express and took the train to the San Pancras Station because this is where we planned on taking the Chunnel to Paris the next day.     Even though the station was within walking distance we decided to take a cab to the Avonmore Hotel More     which was in the Cartwright Gardens section of the city and very close to San Pancras Station.     When we arrived at the hotel…   … Continue reading

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