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🌸Creating a Charming Mother’s Day Tablescape: A Spontaneous Collaboration Story

Set the stage for love and appreciation this Mother’s Day with a charming tablescape that speaks volumes before the first bite… – Marcia💕 Recently, an unexpected opportunity knocked on my door in the form of a collaboration with a YouTube Creator. The challenge? Crafting a captivating tablescape for a week-long feature. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I decided to embrace the occasion and curate a special setting celebrating the essence of motherhood. The twist? I resolved to construct this tablescape using items already nestled within my home—a testament to creativity sparked by spontaneity. A few weeks back, during … Read the full blog post

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Sipping Memories: A Coastal Christmas Tea Tradition

Embarking on the winding roads of nostalgia, I find myself back in the heartwarming embrace of tradition that took root years ago in the sun-soaked landscapes of California…the annual Christmas tea. What started as a simple gathering blossomed into a cherished ritual that endured, even as I traversed the journey to the coastal ranges of Oregon. While so much has changed since the days in California, the memories of those festive teas endure, a treasured tapestry of laughter, stories, and shared warmth. With each sip, I am transported back to the familiar gatherings, surrounded by loved ones, and the simple … Read the full blog post

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Stylish and Prepared: My Outfit Choices for the P.E.O. International Convention in Pittsburgh✈️🧣

As the excitement builds for the upcoming P.e.O. International Convention in Pittsburgh, I find myself not only eager to connect with fellow members but also enthusiastic about planning my outfits for the event. Read the full blog post

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Fall in Love with My Autumn Decor: A Blush of Warmth and Elegance🍁

Autumn whispers it’s secrets to decorators, inviting us to simplify, the canvas and embrace a new color palette, where nature’s hues paint a tapestry of joy in our homes.🍂 Hello, sweet friends… As the leaves outside began to change their hues, I found myself inspired to transform our home’s interior to embrace the beauty of the fall season. This year, my decorating journey led me to revamp our living room, dining alcove, and a small vestibule-all with a new color palette that added a touch of sophistication to the warmth of autumn. One of the most exciting aspects of this … Read the full blog post

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🍁Fall Fashion and Home Decor Haul:TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Chico’s🧣

In the end, preparing for the aesthetic of autumn is a celebration of the senses…Marcia Hello, sweet friend… Before diving into my haul, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of autumn. There’s something magical about witnessing the transformation of nature, as it, dons its fall attire. The vivid foliage, the scent of cinnamon- spiced, everything, and the anticipation of crisp, chilly evenings make this season, truly enchanting. It’s the perfect time to explore new places, savor, pumpkin- flavored treats, and create a bucket list to embrace all that autumn has to offer. My shopping journey began at TJ … Read the full blog post

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Rediscovering Childhood Magic: The Barbie Movie and the Memories it Holds💕

“Playing with a Barbie doll as a young girl opened the doors to a world of sharing, creativity, imagination and pure fun!” 💕- Marcia💕 This week, I find myself eagerly anticipating the release of the new Barbie movie. However, my excitement stems from something deeper than the mere act of watching the film. It lies in the cherished memories that Barbie represents…memories of carefree days spent playing with neighborhood friends, creating intricate doll scenarios, and receiving a surprise gift that still warms my heart to this day. As I reflect on these nostalgic moments, I realize that it is not … Read the full blog post

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The Lady of the House and A Summer Wardrobe

A woman’s home is her kingdom, and she is the queen. As the lady of the house, she creates an atmosphere of warmth, love, and beauty. – Marcia When life presents an opportunity, sometimes it’s best to seize it and create something wonderful. Such was the case when my husband was out of town, leaving me with some free time to indulge in a little personal project. Inspired by his endearing nickname for me, The Lady of the House, I decided to delve into my closet and curate a fresh and elegant summer wardrobe. With a blend of new pieces … Read the full blog post

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Embrace the Summer Vibes: Refreshing Dining Decor on a Budget🍋

“A lemon a day keeps the negativity away. Squeeze it, embrace it, and make it into something extraordinary.” – Unknown Hello, sweet friends… With the arrival of summer, I always find joy in transforming my dining space with seasonal elements. This year, I stumbled upon the cutest lemon-themed decor at both the Dollar Tree and Dollar Store, and I couldn’t resist incorporating them into our home. The best part? By utilizing items I already had, I managed to give the dining alcove a delightful summer ambiance, all for less than 20 dollars! So, while I don’t have any immediate plans … Read the full blog post

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Exciting Times Ahead: My First State Convention as P.E.O. President!🌟

All beginnings are difficult… -Chinese Proverb Hello, sweet friend… I am thrilled to share some incredible news with you all… I have been elected as the P.E.O. president of our chapter, and the excitement is simply overflowing! What makes it even more extraordinary is that I will soon be attending my very first state convention. This opportunity is a true blessing, and I am filled with gratitude for the chance to represent our local chapter in this remarkable event. The state convention opens doors to a world of knowledge about our beloved organization P.E.O. which stands for Philantropic Educaional Organization … Read the full blog post

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Organizing My Closet For Spring🌸👚🧢

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris Hello, sweet friends… Springtime is a wonderful season along the Oregon coast, with the arrival of warmer weather and blooming flowers. At the same time organizing my closet for spring in the Pacific Northwest can be a little bit tricky as the weather can be unpredictable and tends to be rainy and mild. However, with some careful planning and a few tricks this past week I created a functional and stylish closet that will work well for the season. … Read the full blog post

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