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Vacationing…Part Three…A Vintage Christmas Open House🎄

Christmas is too sparkly…said no one ever. 🎄Hello, sweet friend…🎄 I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving…’ve been so excited to share this part of my California vacation with you… I’ve put together highlights from a Christmas Open House I attended while I was vacationing in California. The shop is called Vintique Alley and located in Riverside, California. Now just in case you need a bit of tree inspiration… Here are a few more photos from another Open House I was lucky to visit during my vacation…Mozarts Home Decor located in Redlands, California. One more thing…here are a few ideas for appetizers if you are hosting a gathering… Next week…a peek inside my sweet Christmas cottage🎄 🎄Happy December!🎄

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“Life is only as good as the people you get to share it with” -Darren Criss Hello, sweet friend…🍂 🍂 It’s the little things that make me happy… the order I put into my corner of the universe… HOME this is where I experience the most joy. That being said…much of this month has been spent away from home… visiting family and friends in California and Central Oregon. 🍁 It took a bit of planning… a conscious decision & willingness to take the time for others… traveling to visit those very important people in my life… It’s often so easy for me to get caught up in my own life… that I often forget the importance of going the extra mile (literally) Now with Thanksgiving… just around the corner… I’m experiencing a deeper gratitude in my heart… 🍁 for all November has brought me… and now I feel much more … Continue reading

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Vacationing…Part Two…A Downton Abbey Kind of Tea Party

“The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that’s all there is.” -Carson, Downton Abbey, Season 6 Hello, sweet friend… Eat your heart out Mrs. Patmore. (aka…the cook at Downton Abbey who believes she runs the house) Today I thought It would be fun to share with you the highlights of a recent Downton Abbey Tea party I attended in California at my California girlfriend’s house with my California girlfriends! I felt so privileged to be included in this special afternoon…and even more excited that I happened to be in California when it was being hosted. The first course was a homemade mandarin orange/almond scone. The second course was a delicious creamy butternut squash soup. The Third course was a delicious bow tie pasta salad was served with sandwiches. The sandwiches were a maple pecan cream cheese on pumpkin bread…egg salad on a 12 grain bread…and … Continue reading

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Vacationing…Part One…The Historic Mission Inn Hotel Riverside, California

Keep Calm and Carry On… Hello, sweet friends… I want to thank my husband Joe for encouraging me to take this trip to California. Solo 🍁 (A trip I don’t usually make this time of year) As it turned out…everything has been fabulous and fun! so far…(thanks Joe!) I thought I would share the trip in three parts… beginning with my stay at the Historic Mission Inn Hotel located in Riverside, California. Today’s post will show photos of the hotel and surrounding area. I hope you enjoy them! The Historic Mission Inn occupies an entire city block in the heart of downtown Riverside. To it’s guests and to the people of Riverside, the Mission Inn has always meant more than simply bed, bath and board. It is a creative collection of arcades… gardens… flying buttresses…spiraling staircases… catacombs and towers. It is also fine art and Spanish cannons, stained-glass and ceramic … Continue reading

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An Autumn Tea…Part Two

A Teatime Blessing🍂 Lord grant that our time together be steeped in serenity, sweetened by sharing, and surrounded by the warm fragrance of your love. Amen Hello, sweet friend… This week I wanted to share with you the menu from a recent tea I hosted… (and just incase you missed it click on the link)… I had originally planned to prepare all the food myself… However…as the week had been a little cray cray… I opted instead to prepare just a few things…and purchase everything else. (trust me your guests will love anything you give them!) Menu For an Afternoon Tea Mini spinach quiche…found in the frozen section at grocery store Pest0 swirls…delicious & easy… Artichoke & Parmesan swirls…Just warm & serve… Serve with love… Kindness… and a big smile… Devonshire Mock Cream 1 cup heavy cream not pasteurized One 8 ounce softened cream cheese 2 tablespoons powdered sugar beat … Continue reading

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