A Week of Quiet Joys🌷

Each day holds simple pleasures…a bloom in the garden, a shared meal, a moment of laughter…that remind us of the quiet joys that make life truly beautiful.💗 – Marcia This week has been one of those weeks that quietly filled me with gratitude and warmth. Simple pleasures and cherished moments took center stage, and I found myself basking in the joy of community and nature. One of the highlights was our PEO chapter’s initiation of a new member. We gathered for a potluck social, and it was heartwarming to share delicious food and laughter with such wonderful friends while welcoming … Read the full blog post

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Summer Garden Update on the Oregon Coast

In the warmth of summer, a garden blooms with a vibrant symphony of colors and fragrances, offering a serene escape and a reminder of nature’s timeless beauty. -Marcia The summer on the Oregon coast is the most beautiful place to be. The weather is warmer yet not oppressive, and just between you and me, there is no place more beautiful than this area during the summer months. I absolutely refuse to leave this time of year. Let me share my garden update. Spring to Summer Transition As spring ended, the bluebells and various lilies, like the Calle lilies, completed their … Read the full blog post

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🎁Christmas in July🌟

“It’s summer and I’m already in the Christmas spirit” -Holiday Love Hello, sweet friend… I hope you are doing well… I’ve been incredibly busy this summer, taking part in a local theater production that has been an absolute blast. Because of this, I’m taking the opportunity to share some of my favorite past posts with you. This one, in particular, is close to my heart because it’s all about one of my favorite activities: hosting a Christmas in July party! I think it’s great that Christmas doesn’t have to come only once a year… especially if you are anything like … Read the full blog post

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Crafting the Perfect Summer Wardrobe: Versatile Outfits Featuring White Pants and More

Discover the perfect summer wardrobe at home…versatile, comfortable, and stylish outfits that make every local adventure feel special. -Marcia As the sun claims its dominion in the sky, refreshing your wardrobe for the warm days becomes a delightful task. Following the transformation of my closet into a seasonal sanctuary, let’s dive into creating visually stunning and comfortable summer outfits. Incorporating essentials like white pants, summer tops, and flowy skirts, here is how you can blend functionality with style to generate an aesthetically pleasing and varied summer wardrobe. White Pants: A Canvas for Creativity White pants aren’t just a piece of … Read the full blog post

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Creating a Patriotic Coffee Bar for the Summer Months💗🫖🧢

Enhance each season with a touch of decor; in summer, let vibrant colors and breezy elements breathe life into your space… -Marcia 💗 One of my favorite projects this summer has been setting up a patriotic-themed coffee bar for July. I take pride in making a conscious effort not to constantly buy new decorations. That’s not to say that I never do, but I always start by editing what I have, checking to see what I can use and reuse. Amazingly, I can create fun and welcoming areas in my home using items I already possess, often moving things around … Read the full blog post

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Decorating The Outdoors For The Patriotic Summer Months🌝

Summer’s embrace brings the garden alive with vibrant art, turning outdoor spaces into joyful sanctuaries of beauty and inspiration Marcia💕 As the summer months approach, it’s the perfect time to bring out the red, white, and blue decorations to celebrate the patriotic spirit of July. I’d like to share how I transformed our outdoor space with some simple and vibrant decorations that can easily be replicated. White Picket Fence with Red, White, and Blue Banners One of the standout features of our yard is our charming white picket fence. To give it a festive touch, I hung red, white, and … Read the full blog post

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Transitioning A Bedroom Into A Seasonal Closet: My Year-Round Closet Makeover on the Oregon Coast👚

Embrace the joy of each season by curating a closet that evolves with the weather… There’s a unique thrill in rediscovering, forgotten favorites and finding new ways to express your style… Marcia A year ago, I embarked on an exciting home improvement project that has not only revolutionized my storage options but also injected a bit of seasonal flair into my living space. I transformed a small, underused bedroom into my main closet and have been honing its seasonal functionality ever since. As we strive to keep our spaces fresh and suited to our needs, changing seasons provide the perfect … Read the full blog post

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Embracing the Stage: My Journey to Community Theater

There’s a unique joy in being part of a small community theater, where every note played and every line spoken is a shared triumph, bringing people together through the magic of performance. -Marcia This weekend marks a significant moment in my life—not just because it’s the opening of our local community theater where I’ll be partaking for the first time, but also because it coincides with a special community event. It feels like a celebratory debut, not just for the production but for myself as well. Adding to the excitement, my husband will also be joining me in this theater … Read the full blog post

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Refreshing our Home’s Vestibule for a Summery Welcome🏡

A warm, aesthetically pleasing welcome into your home sets the tone for comfort and hospitality… – Marcia The entrance of your home sets the mood for your entire living space, especially during the joyful summer months. Refreshing a small vestibule can be simple yet dramatically effective. Here are some steps to revitalize this area with summer vibes, ensuring it’s both welcoming and stylish. Step 1: Clean and Declutter The first step in any refresh is to clean. Sweep the floors, dust off surfaces, and remove any items that don’t belong. A clean space not only looks good but also gives … Read the full blog post

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Welcoming Summer: The Blossoming Chronicles of My Garden

This is a wonderful day, I’ve never seen this one before. -Maya Angelou As the briskness of late spring gives way to the early whispers of summer, my garden has begun a beautiful transformation, marking the end of some cycles and the beginning of others. It’s a time of vibrant change and renewal, filled with the endless joys and tasks that each new bloom brings. The End of Spring’s First Acts The garden’s early risers, the bluebells, have completed their annual show. Their vibrant blue hues have graced the garden paths, and now it’s time to cut them back, making … Read the full blog post

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