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Halloween 2016

Hey… Happy Halloween! I hadn’t planned on writing a post…but then here I am…and now that you are here, let’s have a chat. The weather was Hallmark~y perfect on my sweet coast this year. This is the second Halloween (since my move from SoCal) in the little cottage The kiddos were so adorable. I decided to order pizzas from two different places that I’ve been wanting to try out. Halloween night seemed to be the perfect evening for it. I actually started the day with a fabulous walk taking care of errands And, then meeting up with a friend for coffee. I had a fabulous day.  How was yours?  

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Dear Great Pumpkin

Dear Great Pumpkin I’m looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. Hi! Are you ready for Halloween? Any costume parties, or gatherings going on for the weekend? Since moving to the coast Halloween has become quite scary. The main reason being is that I actually get trick~or~treaters! Now don’t get me wrong or anything. California does get trick~or~treaters unless it rains. (just kidding) However, the last street I lived at in California,   never got any trick~or~treaters. A combination of  no street lights, and  homes being rather far apart was most likely just a little too scary for the kiddos. It was too bad since I really enjoyed Halloween, and Fall decorating. Lights…pumpkins…flags….candy…but no one would come. It was seriously disappointing. However, here on the coast in this sweet cottage by the sea everything’s different. It’s make~up time! Anticipating the turn~out I purchased all the candy last week, Unfortunately I’ve had a terrible time staying out of it. … Continue reading

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The Puppy Club

Hi! How’s your week going so far? Mine is swell. My new good friend here on the coast is back from vacation. So, I’m getting ready to head out for a lunch date.   However, I wanted to share about a very special party a good friend in California recently hosted. btw…I’m a pretty lucky gal to have such wonderful friends. (grin) Anyway, my California friend belongs to the SoCal Chihuahua Club and for several years has been hosting their Halloween Party. This group of friends bring their pups in costume, and enjoy an afternoon of friendship, food, & fun. Many pups are champion AKC show dogs. This year the smallest pup weighed a little over a pound. A costume contest with 3 judges was held, with the winner taking home a See’s Candy gift certificate, sewn by hand pumpkins. of course. Ironically the weekend of the party was also when California had real rain, and … Continue reading

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It’s Time For The Falls

Hi! How are you? I hope that your week was a good one. Here on the coast we’ve gone through a week of rain, storm, sun, shadows, rainbows…repeat. With that said…I’m kidnapping you today. Come on hop on board! and make sure your seatbelt is on because the ride can get a little bumpy at times, occasionally we might even experience  large tree trunks across the road. No worries though It’s all worth the effort to get here. I’m taking you to some gorgeous waterfalls which are located at Golden and Silver Falls State Park. The fabled falls are about 35 miles one-way from Coos Bay and as you just experienced involves about 5 miles miles of gravel road driving. I’ve been told that due to a long, dry summer Silver Falls is barely a wisp & Golden Falls a shadow of its usual wintertime fur. However experiencing the mammoth old-growth firs … Continue reading

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ReAcH OuT…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. ♡ I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. ♡ How’s your week going? M.a.r.v.e.l.o.u.s I hope! I’m certain that I’ve mentioned this before…and, that is friendships mean the world to me. Recently, I was reminded of a fun time spent with friends in California. When I had spent an evening with some really good friends.  Actually, the men are my husbands forever friends. And, over the years I’ve become friends with their wives. We went out for Italian food, and then went to the theatre to see a play. Being that I’m always meeting new people now that I live on the coast…  some of which have become my friends. I reflect on the importance of friendships.   Especially, good friends. More, and more I am realizing how valuable they are, and how we need to … Continue reading

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