About Me

Hello, I’m Marcia. Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage by the Sea. And, truly I’m so happy to see you today. When I started thinking about this “About Me” page, I wasn’t sure exactly what to share about myself. I wondered what my dear readers might be interested in. Well, I’m married to a wonderful guy named Joe. I’m also the pet guardian for 2 furry animals: Darjeeling and Cami.


For all intents, and purposes I’m a southern California gal, who loves beauty.


This beauty can come through gardening, music, decorating, fashion, art or spirit. Perhaps you’re interested in my educational background? …Well, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development, obtained a California teaching credential, and a Master’s degree in Elementary teaching. On June 10, 2011 I retired after 30 years of teaching school and entered a new chapter of living. I began seeing and experiencing time differently. In many ways, at this point my life became my own.


I began “really” looking at how I wanted to live my life. Since I was no longer confined to the “shoulds” and others’ schedules, I decided what I really longed for was a simpler lifestyle.


Hence we decided to sell our home in California and move to a sweet cottage on the Oregon coast. Now, this is where I’d really like to begin sharing about me. Since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed writing down thoughts, ideas, inspirations and practical tips I wanted to remember and put to use in my daily life.


This manifested itself in starting a blog on November 1, 2013. I started sharing little things about living in a 1920’s cottage. Little by little, I began making friends. You are now one of them. These simple random thoughts, uplifting quotations, insights, and a “peek” into my little world were part of my first blog, Marcia’s Cottage. Readers would tell me that they got inspired and affirmed their own values, tastes, and style of living. And, of course the truth is YOU inspire me. So, what I’d like to mostly share about ME is….


This is just the beginning….