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Tis A Gift To Share

“For it is in giving that we receive” ~Frances of Assisi Hi! It’s so nice to see you today. I must say that lately I’ve been feeling a little orphan like. sort of joking   With my husband away on business in California and one of my good friends off traveling, I’m feeling just a little needy. I had one of those aha moments which taught me something about myself very humbling and here it is… that even though there are fun wonderful things (and friends) I’m involved in, the reality is the best part of life comes through sharing those experiences with others. You more than likely already know … Read the full blog post

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A GeTaWaY bY tHe SeA…

This is a re-post from April 24, 2015. I had flown to the Oregon coast for a visit to see if this is where I wanted to begin the next chapter of life.  I returned back to California & sold my BMWx5 and purchased a JEEP.  The adventure continues…. Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea.  How’s your week been? Any fun plans for the weekend? Well. ..I’ve been spending some time on the Oregon coast.         This is where my husband and I … Read the full blog post

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Just Another Week in Paradise

“Take care to keep open house: Because in this way some have had angels as their guests, without being conscious of it” ~Hebrews 13:2 I’ve been meaning to share with you a chair that I saw a few weeks ago. It seems as if I’m often finding chairs that call out to me. This particular one came home with me that day. Oh and since we are becoming such good friends I also thought I’d  share a little quirky thing I do quite often  Periodically I go on the outside and pretend that I’m a visitor. I walk, look around and imagine that … Read the full blog post

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Beauty and The Bloom

“Whenever you experience awesome beauty, absorb it inside yourself. It does affect your soul. Once there, it lifts your spirits & is alive in you now and as a memory forever”  ~Marcia I’m thinking that I might have already mentioned this about how I was surprised to find out that in 110 years of weather history on the Oregon coast this past winter ranked number 8 in rainfall who knows perhaps 4 by now Okay…actually…. I’m not really that surprised because  seriously it has rained a lot! That being said there’s just no excuse for me not making the most of the … Read the full blog post

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La Primavera

“To have complete satisfaction from flowers you must have time to spend with them. There must be rapport. I talk to them and they talk to me.” ~ Princess Grace of Monaco Happy April Everyone! I’ve been having so much fun digging in the garden that there are days when I’ve totally lost track of time… yes….totally. seriously btw….. How do you keep track of time? When I was teaching elementary school my time was scheduled around the academic school year. Christmas break, Spring break, Summer vacation  Time changed after retirement of course And now at this time and (it being … Read the full blog post

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