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Embracing the Extraordinary in Everyday Moments: Reflecting on 2023🌟

Embrace the blank pages of the New Year with courage, write your story in ink of joy, and may each chapter be filled with hope and resilience. 💗 As I reflect on the end of 2023, it feels like the closing chapter of a magical fairytale set against the backdrop of Carmel, California. The holidays were enchanting, and scrolling through my photos, each image tells a story of a life filled with beauty and love. From the beginning of the year, where every room in my home became a canvas of warmth, to meals crafted with love, every month was … Read the full blog post

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A Magical Christmas and Milestone Birthday; Celebrating in Carmel, California

In the dance of life, each day is a unique melody; celebrate its rhythm, for the symphony of existence, unfolds in the joy of embracing every precious note. – Marcia While I typically cherish the coziness of our home during the holidays, this year a Christmas getaway added a new dimension to our cherished traditions. The journey began when my husband proposed the idea of spending Christmas week in Carmel, California… a place known for its picturesque charm and idyllic coastal setting. After careful consideration and planning, he orchestrated a getaway that would not only include the festivities of Christmas … Read the full blog post

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Sipping Memories: A Coastal Christmas Tea Tradition

Embarking on the winding roads of nostalgia, I find myself back in the heartwarming embrace of tradition that took root years ago in the sun-soaked landscapes of California…the annual Christmas tea. What started as a simple gathering blossomed into a cherished ritual that endured, even as I traversed the journey to the coastal ranges of Oregon. While so much has changed since the days in California, the memories of those festive teas endure, a treasured tapestry of laughter, stories, and shared warmth. With each sip, I am transported back to the familiar gatherings, surrounded by loved ones, and the simple … Read the full blog post

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🎄Crafting Christmas Cheer: 🧑‍🎄A Day of Wreath Making with Friends🎄

Crafting Christmas wreaths with friends, each bough intertwined with laughter and shared joy, we weave not just greens but memories that adorn our hearts throughout the season. 🎄 – Marcia The holiday season is a time for warmth, togetherness, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing a delightful day with a group of ladies, where we gathered at a friend’s home for a unique adventure…learning how to make Christmas wreaths. This day was filled with laughter, creativity, and the joy crafting our own holiday decorations. In this blog post, I’ll share the wonderful … Read the full blog post

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Unveiling the Magic: My Festive Christmas Decorating Journey of 2023

In the warmth of home and the magic of Christmas, hearts aglow with love, creating a tapestry of joy that makes every season bright. -Marcia🌟 As November 1st dawned, I eagerly embarked on my Christmas decorating journey for 2023. With anticipation, I retrieved my Christmas bins from the attic, each box containing cherished memories and festive treasures. Sorting through decorations, I carefully selected elements to transform my living space into a holiday haven. Fueled by the spirit of the season, my goal was set to weave the magic of Christmas throughout the living room, dining alcove, and kitchen. The living … Read the full blog post

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