HeLlo OcToBer….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Wednesday! A perfect day to begin a new month….


Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! It’s time to announce the lucky winner for Marcia’s Cottage official, unofficial random giveaway! If you are a new reader….here is a link to explain how it all started. https://marciascottagebythesea.com/2014/08/you-put-your-whole-self-in_2/Congratulations Louise Bigbie. Thank you for liking my Marcia’s Cottage page too!

The little teacup says: “It’s Good to be Queen!” it’s a favorite of mine, by artist Mary Engelbreit. EnJoY!

I must say…I think I sort of inspired myself with the post on Roger’s Garden’s. (giggle) I headed to the nursery right after that post! I am working at creating glimpses of Fall in our garden. Just little tiny glimpses.

I planted a few Fall colors in containers. And, since it is still warm here…

I stayed with the pretty, and yet hardy flowers.

 It’s easy to change up the feel in the garden…just by planting a few seasonal flowers.

 I try to plant perennials. But, since my gardening change box was filled with coins (smile)

I turned them in…and splurged. Okay….. I’ve been chatting way too much….

 It’s your turn. So, dear sweet reader…how do you work Fall into your garden?

Do you have any special trees, plants, or flowers that you like to plant this time of year?

Don’t be shy…you can share. (grin) I’m having a wonderful time working in the garden.

 And, of course, I’m hoping that you will find a

little time to create Fall wherever you are too.

Of course. ..


“Now I think my point is that I have learned to live with it all…with being old…whatever happens…all of it.~Edlegard


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