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The Rhythm of My Heart

  As I began writing an evening post, I’m amazed that it’s still light here. The sun sets close to 9:00 pm. And, since you are often on my mind I thought of you, and was wondering how your weekend went. Here’s a share of mine before another week begins. My friend JR and I started the weekend off with a fun day visiting the Charleston Marine Aquarium. It was amazing. I suppose during this visit is when I realized there are so many things I don’t know about ocean life, and that now is a great time to learn. I’m loving learning more about what goes on in the deep blue. Its really great to have such a fabulous resource close by.  If you’ve enjoyed the Monterey Bay aquarium in California, you won’t be disappointed with Charleston’s. This aquarium compares nicely with it. Perhaps you’ll find yourself along the Oregon coast … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2016

Hi! How was your week? Any special plans for the weekend? This will mark my first Memorial Day celebration here on the coast. I’m looking forward to sharing the afternoon with friends, and plan on doing some of the grilling myself  on our new little barbeque. So that should be fun! Below is a letter my father wrote to my mother shortly after they met, & before they were married. My father served in the United States Navy. He was a wonderful husband,  father, friend, and proud of his country.  One of the things he had wanted most after he finished serving his duty, was to get married, purchase a home and raise a family. I hold him, along with all our courageous military men, and women with deep admiration, love, and respect, and dedicate today’s post to them. With that said, another thing my father loved was a good barbeque. His were … Continue reading

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A Return to Copper Goose Nursery

  Hi! How’s your weekend going? I thought I’d pop in and share a recent visit I took to a wonderful nursery here on the Oregon Coast. I invited a couple of friends to join me, since they hadn’t been there before. The nursery is called Copper Goose, and is located in Coquille off Hwy 42 South. Here you will find a variety of beautiful plants, flowers, shrubs, and vegetables to choose from. Their hanging baskets are gorgeous, and you can make and take one during your visit. The owner is Mary, and she and her staff are very helpful regarding any gardening questions you might have. Being that I’m still a newbie on the coast it’s very comforting to meet people who are familiar with what will grow best in the area. After all I am working on creating a beautiful cottage garden! See Ya! Here’s a post from … Continue reading

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Escrow: Open

  Hi Everyone! Catchy title don’t ya think? I sort of felt it was appropo since this coming week specifically May 23, marks one year that our home in Southern California went into escrow. And, being that I’m a pretty introspective  kinda gal, I can’t help but reminisce about that day one year later.   Before I go any further I wanted to share a before and after of that home. Notice I didn’t say our home. The photo says a lot. Actions speak louder than words. It says that the life as I was once living  in So. California is now very different. I must say the after is now reflecting how I was feeling one year ago. I was in~between there and here. Letting go of the familiar, getting ready for the unknown. You know what I mean one foot in, one foot out. Neither here nor there. So, anyway this … Continue reading

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Taco Tuesday

  Hi there! Thought I’d pop in and share fabulous easy meal. Being a Northwest transplant via Southern California, I now am obsessed with the gorgeous seafood that I didn’t have access to before. However, my heart is always drawn first to the fabulous flavors of Mexico. I grew up on them, and ate them since I was a teeny tiny gal. I love tacos, and anything with cheese. Today I decided to prepare a nice quick mexican meal. Here ya go. It’s not too late if your wondering what to prepare for dinner. Ingredients * 8 soft corn tortillas (I used Old El Paso soft corn tortillas) *4 cups shredded cheddar/jack cheese *2 (10 ounce) cans Enchilada sauce 1/2 white onion, chopped (optional) Fresh cilantro, chopped (optional) 3 green onion, sliced (optional)   Instructions Preheat oven to 350  Spoon 1/2 cup of the enchilada sauce over the bottom of … Continue reading

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