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Two Movies and A Furneral

We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. -T.S. Eliot Hello..have you seen any good movies lately?  I recently saw two. oh…just a second while I add a little water to these beautiful Valentine roses. This past week as I thought of the month coming to an end several things came to mind. I suppose it has something to do with associating February with hearts, flowers, and chocolate.  which btw I do enjoy immensely.  However just recently I experienced several things watching … Read the full blog post

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February Outfits

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Winter on the Oregon Coast can be challenging at best to stay warm, comfortable, and dry.  No matter where you live, or the weather with just a little thought and planning you can put together fun attractive outfits. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites for the month. I noticed that I favored simple black leggings, and a pair of gold quilted low platform slip~ons. The black faux leather boots are a staple when it comes to dressing up any look!

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Cranberry Scones

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage by the Sea. ♡ I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. ♡ It’s early Saturday and I just finished baking up some scones for our weekend guest. I figured they’d be perfect to begin our day… and they go very well with French roasted coffee that my husband is a master of brewing up. The scone recipe is quite customizable, as you can use any type of berry. Ingredients: 2 1/4 cups of flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon sugar A … Read the full blog post

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A GAL~entine Tea Party

  Hi! Today I’d like to share with you a Tea party I hosted earlier this week. I called it a GAL~entine Tea Party get cozy…this post might take a while❤ I’ve now been living on the Oregon coast for one year, seven months, 14 days, hundreds of minutes, & thousands of seconds not that I’m keeping track  With that said I can say I am definitely becoming more comfortable with this new lifestyle. So recently I decided to throw a GAL~entine tea party on Valentine’s Day. I wanted to bring a few of my new friends together for an afternoon of good food … Read the full blog post

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First Valentines Day on the coast

On Valentine’s Day 12 years ago we moved into “our” first home. That home was located in Riverside, California. We had been married 3 months. Today, on our first Valentines Day on the Oregon coast, we reflect on those intervening years. We trace the path our relationship has traveled through joys, challenges, saying hello to new friendships, and goodbye to others, retirement, relocation, and the adventure of it all. Today we celebrate our relationship, and the deepening of our married love. To add to our Valentine’s celebration we invited our friends to share a meal. My husband Joe made lasagne, … Read the full blog post

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The Unexpected Tourist

“The unexpected moment is always sweetest”~unknown  Hi!  How are you doing?  I hope you had a great week, and that perhaps you’ve planned something interesting, fun, or adventurous for the weekend. maybe something unexpected I recently returned from a get- away. If you are new to my blog welcome!  And if you haven’t visited here for a while there are a few updates. Trip to California , A Women’s Retreat My last stop on this little getaway was a planned day in Portland. 24 hours to explore the hip Portlandia from sunrise till the wee hours of night. I couldn’t think of any better way to end … Read the full blog post

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Letters From Abroad Part 2

  Hi! Just in case you missed last weeks post in SoCal Part 1 this will help you get caught up on my recent travels. I decided to begin today’s post with a question. since I don’t know where else to begin What direction do you want to go this year? Have you given this any thought? Just recently I attended a Women’s Retreat read more finishing up a visit to SoCal and so naturally I’m in a contemplative state of mind. It’s a good thing though. Very good. There are several reasons why I return to this retreat house each year. The most … Read the full blog post

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