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Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020

There is always time for Gratitude and new beginnings Hello, sweet friend… Cheers to Thanksgiving 2020! With it being nearly 30 years since both my parents passed away…I have discovered the importance of creating a home for quite a while now. That being said a holiday has not gone by in which their memory and those earlier years haven’t come to mind. As time goes on…these memories become more precious…mainly because they have made my own traditions richer. At the heart of these memories is a gratitude for having the opportunity to experience the richness of family in it’s fullness and a love which has inspired me to create my home today. New traditions to make, time to enjoy with my husband Joe, and a day to create a special meal. Memories which have taught me to focus on what I have instead of what I’ve lost. I know that’s easier … Continue reading

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Halfway Through November…

Take time to play! Ask for what you want. Laugh. Live loudly. Be avid. Learn a new thing. Be yourself! -Mary Anne Radmacher Hello, sweet friends… I was able to attend a Holiday Open House recently… The event was “socially distanced” & mask mandated. It was just what I needed to get into the spirit of the holidays. I arrived early when they opened… and departed with a few adorable Christmas items… I don’t know about you… but this gal has a strong desire for deckingtheyeardecking the halls this year… That being said once they are decked… I promise to share… 👩‍🍳 What’s Cooking? I have been decorating for Christmas while planning out my Thanksgiving menu. So 2020😂😂😂 This side dish was a winner with Joe. Picture caramelized rice & raisins…browned & savory sweet…divine Cranberry Apple Pecan Wild Rice INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cups low sodium chicken broth 1 1/2 cups apple juice 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard … Continue reading

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Let Us Bake Bread Together…

fika (fee-ka) Swedisha moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. Hello, sweet friends… Today is a perfect autumn day. While taking this photo it felt like I was the main character in some vintage like story… with a cat named Anastasia who sits peering out from an upstairs window… Having grown up in sunny Southern California and really not being use to Autumn… I still get quite excited when I see the leaves changing colors. It’s the perfect backdrop for a cozy home …nothing beats it… well, on second thought I’m thinking the smell of freshly baked bread that you have made yourself smothered covered with some butter that melts on the warm loaf…Okay now that’s the kind of cozy I’m talking about! 👩‍🍳 What’s Cooking… Ingredients 2 tablespoons of yeast 1 tablespoon of sugar 1 cup of warm water mix it all and let it … Continue reading

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To Everything There Is A Season…

Sometimes the winds of change carry us to better places… Hello, sweet friends… This has been a week of transitioning… with Halloween now over… it’s time to begin… anticipating… planning… preparing… and welcoming… with an open heart this cozier vibe… 🍁🍂🍁 It seems as if lately my best inspiration has come from nature… no doubt even this week’s baking was inspired by it’s deliciousness. 👩‍🍳 What’s Cooking? As you must know…I love desserts! Particularly those with a sweet and sour twist to them. These bars include something for everyone…and that is definitely part of their appeal.💗 SEVEN LAYER BARS Ingredients 12 whole (rectangle) graham crackers (about 1 & 1/2 pkgs) 1/2 cup butter, melted (salted or unsalted) 1 cup chocolate chips (milk or semi-sweet) 1 cup white chocolate chips 1 cup butterscotch chips 1 cup pecan pieces or other chopped nuts  1 cup shredded coconut flakes 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk Instructions Blend graham crackers in a food processor or blender until fine crumbs. … Continue reading

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