WaRnINg….iT’s OnLy A TeSt…♡

H ello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Today my husband and I have date days….just not together. He’s headed for a mountain day hike with his close friends… As for me, I’m headed for the water, and lunch with a friend. We’ll meet up at home later for dinner.I call that smart planning. ♡of course because Joe, and I are both brilliant. *wink,*wink

Warning…..DO NOT take the “What is your IQ easy test” at midnight or later. And, btw… do you have any idea who creates those tests? I’d love to meet them. They are so great at getting ME to take all their tests. Joe often reminds me that the tests are intended just for fun…now HE is really smart, because they never succeed at getting him to take them.

Anyway, the test people must be really hyper-minded, fun people. When I took the IQ test, I was actually a little nervous. What if I “failed?” Then, I realized if I didn’t like my score…. I just would not “share” it on Facebook. No one would ever need to know that I had a failed IQ, or what my score was.( geeezer I am so smart! I really should get extra IQ points for that kind of thinking)

 The test said easy.I can do easy. However, at almost 1:00 am nothing is really easy. (they lied) When I finally finished taking the test after many hours I got the results…126! WOW! Perhaps, I no longer needed my Smart Phone. I’m a Wiz kid! Oh, and of course I immediately shared my successful results. The next day I noticed that the test had really circulated around the social media site..and now my score shadowed under all my brilliant friends scores. So being, the sometimes competitive, compulsive, prideful  curious person  that I am, I decided to re- take the test. After all, how could my friends have a higher score than me it was very late at night when I took it the first time.” Funny….I got the same score, WIDE AWAKE. Well, okay…at least I didn’t get a lower score. Because, EVERYONE knows those fun hyper-minded test people could get me to Share do-overs. ..hmmmm.…there’s got to be a lesson here somewhere…..OH! YES!…I know the answer….Warning….

*just in case you haven’t taken the test from those hyper-minded test people. (grin)

                                                                      Have a fabulous Saturday….



                                                          Comparison is a brutal attack on oneself. 

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