A+ FrIeNdShIp…

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

It has arrived….Happy Friday…I hope you had an A+ week.( I must have school on my mind.)
And, I’m sure you have an excellent weekend planned. If not, then you get an “needs to improve”.

Please forgive me for being a few days late…of course. And, like the familiar adage.”Better late than never” I want to wish everyone a Happy Friendship Day! Which by the way was on August 3rd. Friendship is grand….what would we do without our friends. And, if yours are similar to mine, they come in a variety of personalities, styles, shapes, sizes, ages, and even colors. But they are each so special. I love and cherish each, and everyone of them. They have inspired, stretched, loved, and honored my personhood in some way. Some I rarely get a chance to see, others I see more frequently….but, it doesn’t matter. I carry each of them in some way, and close to my heart. I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by all this love in my life. Disclosure #1: Of course my very best friend is my husband Joe. of course.

Joe told me once that one of the things he really loved about me was I made him laugh. To this day, I’m still not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or not. However, now that I know him better…I must say HE is the one with the great sense of humor. TKHITLH= To Know Him Is To Love Him (wink)

For instance the other day he left me this comic, with a note that said “this was you at age 6” Ha! Ha! Yes, my Joe has a great sense of humor. And, one of the things I am realizing… Disclosure #2, as I have now entered into my sixth decade of life…is that laughter is so very important. I think I cherish that in all my friendships. We can laugh….what a joy. Disclosure #3: I was just joking about disclosure #2 (the part of entering my 6th decade)…Ha! Ha!

                         Have an A++ weekend


If you laugh a lot, when you get older your wrinkles will be in the right places.


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