Santa Bunco Baby. ..♡

Hello,  Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage.
I’m so happy to see you my friend.

Have you attended a few holiday parties lately?
Well I enjoy hosting them,  so I’ve hosted several this last week.  I most recently invited my Bunco group over…♡

We get together once a month and talk, eat, laugh,  and play Bunco. It’s been a lot of fun. I decided to host a Cottage Christmas Bunco tea.

This was the invitation I sent to the ladies.

I made these fun Bunco score sheets. Then I had to start decorating, and preparing the menu.
Oops… I forgot to mention that the invitation mentioned an optional $20.00 gift exchange. ♡
First I set up my four tables. ..

This table was in the parlor

Then the music room. ..

Next the pink room. …♡

and last the cabin area. ..aka… Kitchen♡
Time for the food. ..

I needed to place food in each of the rooms. These are mini vanilla bean cupcakes With a dollop of strawberry on top.

Becky baked adorable pink Christmas sugar cookies. We made four plates of these also. ♡

Jill prepared over the top tea sandwiches,  which was served with my spinach quiche. .♡ Jill is a sweetheart,  and quite the domestic diva.
Oh I almost forgot… If you decide to host a Bunco tea party, make sure you have a photographer.

This is my friend Pat…  who was graciously behind the scenes clicking away. ..

Capturing each Precious moment.

Becky is lovingly serving Barbara a little tea,  while I’m thanking Jill for offering her help. ♡

Lovely ladies. …

We ate,  drank,  and were merry… Oh I think I forgot to mention that we never did play Bunco. .. However we did have that gift exchange. ..♡

First a group photo of the beautiful Bunco babes. ..♡ and then lots of fun with bantering of gifts. ..

Jill was delighted with her gift. .. But the REAL winner was my friend Pat…guess what she got?

Yep. … She was thrilled too! What a fun time we had. ♡

A perfect fit. …♡

This is me with my dear friend Becky. .♡

Thank you for stopping by today. Merry Christmas blessings. ♡



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