Christmas time is here…♡

Hello,  Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you. Well my friend Christmas time is here. ..

Yes. … Christmas time is here, and there has been lots of sparkle, With plenty of cheer.♡

Last night we attended our annual  neighborhood party.
It was the best.  We have the most wonderful neighbors. .. And it is delightful to get together with all of them and celebrate the holidays. 
At one of the homes we actually got carolers. .. How wonderful was that. ..♡
This is me posing at the top of the stairway. This is a magnificent estate built in 1930.
I grabbed one of the caterers and asked if they would mind taking a photo. … The tree was 
HUGE! and over the top gorgeous. 
Our evening delightfully ended with a magical Carriage ride. ..klumpity, klumpity, klump…Christmas time is here. ..Santa’s On his way. 
I’m joyously finished with all my shopping,  baking, and yes even decorating. .. well sort of, because I’m always changing things up around here at the Cottage. (Big smile)
Today I will be relishing my precious moments at home. This is quite possibly where I will be resting,  and perusing through my country living magazines.  Sipping tea out of my new little teacup given to me by my sweet friend Doreen. And eating chocolates from the Harry and David box of truffles, that my friend Joan gifted me with.  (SHHH. ..I’ve already eaten one very dark red velvet truffle. ) Y-u-m-m-y. ..pure decadence.
Yes my friend,  on this glorious Saturday I’m going to honor it by putting my feet up and delighting in the many happy moments of pleasure sipping. I’m wishing the same for you dear friend.  Have a lovely day. 
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