Saving Mr. Banks. ..♡

Hello,  welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. How was your weekend? I hope you had a pleasant one.
Of course mine was practically perfect in every way. ♡ Shall we have a spot of tea. ..

I am so happy because my husband Joe is on vacation for two weeks. We have been having all kinds of fun.  Over the weekend we had date night, with dinner and a movie. We decided to see Saving Mr. Banks. Have you had a chance to see this wonderful movie?

It’s not an easy thing to explain why I thought it was so wonderful. .. except that it is magical. I remember when Mary Poppins first came out.  I was in junior high,  and my parents had purchased a home in Brea.  There were several girls in the neighborhood around my age,  and we would get together and play the piano music for Mary Poppins.  What fun! My father was a wonderful singer… so he often would join in the fun. ♡ Mary Poppins is special not only because it expresses  the power of imagination. ..
but more importantly the power of love, kindness,  and compassion. ♡ for me these are qualities I want to embrace during this Holy Season of love.♡

I was even fashion inspired. ..I sort of wish I was still teaching.  I would definitely wear something like this.♡

Oh! Oh! Oh! yes please to all of the above. ♡

Perhaps I’ll even host a Mary Poppins theme party. … Now THAT would be just charming.

I love accessorizing…. Don’t you. ♡

My sister Cindy told her friends that I’m like Mary Poppins. … because I’m always giving tea parties. (Giggle, giggle) I think it’s more that I try to make everything fun. ..♡and of course cheery,  and happy. I also love to feed the little birdies. (Big smile)

Well,  thanks for dropping in today. .. and I hope you have a super…………….docius.. day. ♡


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