The most important thing is to express your true nature in the simplest, most adequate way, and to appreciate it in the smallest exisistence”~From Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, Shunryu Suzuki



 Hello, sweet friend…💕



I’ve had a good week. How about you?



I actually went on a little get-away for part of the week…



A spontaneous escape…











makes for the best adventures.



Upon returning home I settled back into the usual nesting thing.



Purchased a new set of sheets…



Lovely pillow cases



and a different mattress for the daybed



which sits in the loft.



A moment of time was spent freshening up a window box



Before I knew it the week had flown by.

does this ever happen to you?




Right now I’m thinking that if I could choose the best moment of the week it would have to be the afternoon Joe surprised me with a meal he whipped up while I was resting.



Joe’s Spaghetti ala 🥦 broccoli

directions as told by Joe👩‍🍳

(my husband has a great sence of humor)

Joe: “Hello this is Joe, Marcia’s husband.  I’m very happy to share with you how I prepare spaghetti ala broccoli. First I got two pots… a small and the other a large or medium… and filled those with water. In the smaller pan I just put perhaps about an inch and a half of water. The big pot is for the pasta so I filled that about halfway and I put a little bit of the kosher salt in both of them so that it absorbs into the pasta and into the florettes of broccoli. I wait for a while until the water starts to boil and then I put in the pasta. Next I put the florettes of broccoli…slowly boil so I don’t want to over-boil the broccoli… and then in the meantime as I am monitoring the pasta and the broccoli I prepare a small dish of butter and olive oil that I’m going to heat and pour over when the pasta is ready. When it looks like the broccoli is ready…I drain in a colander the pasta and put that on a plate then I followed up by then draining.  After I drained the broccoli I put that on top of the pasta on the plate and then at this time I have warmed the small dish with the butter and olive oil and then I pour that over the mixture.


served it to my happy adoring wife.”






Something tells me…


theres been some crazy nesting going on around here.

(P.S. My husband told me that perhaps next time we’ll have broccoli chicken ala spaghetti.)😉


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4 Responses to Nesting

  1. Joe says:

    Please don’t let your husband disturb that escaped chicken
    He can find a vegan alternative.
    Thank you for your wonderful post!

  2. Marcia Ren says:

    Hi Joe!
    I’m hoping that chicken will stay and be a pet…it’s so cute!

  3. Jenny Bonynge says:

    A delightful visitor, charming indeed! The pasta dish looked yummy too…glad you had a lovely week, Spring is so refreshing!

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