Sea Shell Cottage…A Garden Tour


”In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own.”~Alice Waker




Hello, sweet friend.

 Today’s post is rather special because my friend MarSea who lives in Huntington Beach, California has graciously agreed to share her cottage garden with me. us

🧜‍♀️I’m doing the happy mermaid dance! 🧜‍♀️



MarSea’s garden is one of the 19 gardens chosen to be on the Mary Lou Heard Garden Tour on May 5, 2018 in Huntington Beach.🧜‍♀️

🧜‍♀️Perhaps those of you nearby will be able to go🧜‍♀️



 Before we begin the tour I wanted to say a little about MarSea🧜‍♀️ We met over 10 years ago when a mutual friend brought her to my home for a tea party I was hosting. At the time we both lived in larger homes (in California) and now years later we have downsized (big time) and moved into small cottages by the sea. Below is MarSea’s story about how she created her new garden by the sea.🧜‍♀️








MarSea’s Sea Shell Cottage

“🧜‍♀️My sweetest memories have always been in the garden with my Grammie and also my Mom on the beach, so my dream has come true…






and I am in a cottage at the beach with a wonderful garden that I’ve christened with a plaque, “Sea Shell Cottage” you will see when you visit.🧜‍♀️








It’s a brand new garden and it’s all about the past, the future, and loved ones.🧜‍♀️



I have my Grammie’s irises, her epie plant and my Mother’s love for roses and hydrangeas with one named after my Granddaughter, Summer.🧜‍♀️






Mom would be so happy here, I feel her when I am in the garden digging and I tear up as I lost her late last year…



Seems those flowers are doing the best! I have Italian bellflower for my Daughter-in-law, and the Italian family I’ve invited into my heart.🧜‍♀️



Even a MaryLou Heard plant I purchased from her many years ago is thriving as well as her sweet-pea which I hope will be in bloom at tour time.🧜‍♀️



My sons are here too, but they will have to find that secret one day–sssshhh…, I will tell you though. 🧜‍♀️





My friends are here too with what I call, “pass-a-long plants,” always the best and hardiest plants–just like them! A rose named, “Penny Lane” is here after a sweet furry girlfriend pet.🧜‍♀️



I feel so lucky to live in this cottage and peaceful retreat. Everywhere I’ve lived I have hung my wind chimes for my Mom.🧜‍♀️



They provide a peaceful feeling to all my visiting guests. Hope to see you on the tour!”


 Thank you MarSea for sharing your lovely seaside garden🧜‍♀️


🧜‍♀️Cheers to a fabulous weekend🧜‍♀️













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2 Responses to Sea Shell Cottage…A Garden Tour

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your friend MarSea with us!
    Her ‘Seashell Cottage’ and lovely gardens are a real treat!
    The videos were marvelous!

  2. Pat Stansel says:

    MarSea sure does have a darling place—so unique—love how there’s something new to look at at every turn !

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