Garden Dreams & A Return To Dragonfly Farm & Nursery

”Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello, sweet friend…💕

 I hope your Spring has sprung off well.🤗 🌷 For me this season is the mark of new beginnings…that of hope and it’s reminder for taking the time to make room for nourishing ourselves and creating a beautiful life. For many years…and at the center of my own being has been the desire to create a life living simply here on the Oregon coast…this dream includes a small cottage garden. A garden of my dreams would include stepping stones leading to a place where I could sit breathing in or gazing in awe the surrounding beauty. I have come closer to attaining this dream…however there’s still work to do. This season my hope is that I’ll take the time to get out and plant those renewing and joyful flower seeds. In case you too have a similar dream… I might have found the perfect place to begin. 💕



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April 2016


The spirit of the Dragonfly Farm reminds me that everything is possible. That we can achieve our dreams and our goals. With that being said I’d like to begin today’s post with an introduction to Jenine and Pam. They are the adorable mother/daughter owners of The Dragonfly Farm & Nursery located in Langlois on the beautiful Oregon coast.

I know after that sweet introduction you must be dying to see this place.

Lets get started.

Dragonfly Farm & Nursery is located at 49295 Highway 101 in Langlois, OR.

(541) 844-5559


A beautiful…


not too long drive…


from my sweet cottage on the coast.



Upon your arrival you will most likely be greeted by gracious & charming attendants.👩‍🌾


I met Jenine when I first moved to the Oregon coast in 2015.

I had been checking out the local farmers market and came upon Dragonfly Farm booth.

Jenine was so enthusiastic as she shared about the Dragonfly Farm which she and her mom owned and operated.

(since then Jenine’s boyfriend Cody has joined in the fun)




Jenine’s sweet personality, coupled with the story of how Dragonfly Farm got its name grabbed my heart. She stressed it was all about transformation.


Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious.  This partnership venture is a real testimony to the value of finding Joy and passion in whatever we do in life.


Her vision is that Dragonfly Farm will become a destination for families…

to visit and enjoy a picnic lunch…


visit the animals…


experience the herb garden

beauty of nature…

Peruse the fabulous gift shop


Or just hang out together.

If you are in the area I highly recommend you stop by to check out this wonderful treasure on the Oregon coast.  And to my former SoCal friends maybe I’ll see ya there!😎 (It’s only a 900 mile drive😘) I’ll  be the one hanging out sipping my roast on the coast coffee. (grin)

2016-04-22 00.52.44

“Its been fun, a great experience to have my baby the youngest of five do this with me. And hopefully when you come if you do come  you’ll have a good time as well! We’d love to see you” ~Pam

2016-04-22 00.54.00

“And the reason we are called Dragonfly Farm is that we are so much more than a plant nursery. We have goats, rabbits, free range chickens. And, now we have sheep! You can come bring a picnic enjoy our herb garden, see the animals,  and walk through the nursery.”~Jenine


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6 Responses to Garden Dreams & A Return To Dragonfly Farm & Nursery

  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Joy and passion in whatever we do, that is a great reminder!
    Thanks and Happy Earth Day!

  2. Nancy says:

    What a lovely place, built on and with love. Sigh– it is not in my backyard. PA is too far away from the Oregon coast. Lived in Idaho for 8 years and so wish we could have retired there. At least I’d be closer.

  3. Verna,Harvey says:

    Would certainly come through if I lived close by.♥️

    • Marciaren says:

      Oh Verna it’s taken me two long years to reply. Please forgive me. Yes! Yes! Yes!
      If you are ever in the area you must visit this lovely destination.‍

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