Mary Magdalene. ..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. ♡

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was just perfect, even with ALL it’s imperfections. (grin)♡

I’ve been going over a few notes for a Women’s Bible Study I’m facilitating this morning. Oh my goodness, I do NOT want this Study to end. I have learned SO much about the early Women of the Bible. ♡ Oh, and of course,  I have learned SO much about myself. ♡

So, today we are reviewing Mary Magdalene. Okay,  this is how “I” see it. To me, Mary Magdalene represents the Sacred Feminine, in EACH of us,  AND the “essence” of the following:

• Our intuitive knowledge….

• Our power and strength from within….

•  Our connection to the Divine Source from             within…..♡

•  which BTW is gentle kindness,  and I also               believe the Wisdom to act from an inner               Divine place.♡

Yikes! I almost forgot the most important thing that Mary taught me. .. Genuine Forgiveness. Because,  only with this,  is  Love possible. The deeper of our experience of forgiveness. .. The greater is our love.♡ Wow!

Yes! Sign me up. I am SO ready to Welcome,  Honor,  and Embrace the power leadership of my Sacred Feminine energy, and within ALL women,  and men. ♡ Thank you Mary!♡

Well,  off I go. …♡ Wish me luck. And, wishing YOU a lovely week my friend.♡

                  It looks like a glorious day. ..♡

                                            Xoxo. ..


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