It’s a SuNsHiNe DaY….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .♡

This morning when I awoke, I thought this is a great day to spend at the beach. A summer day.
Get out my new bathing suit…. and spend some fun time in the sun!

After all, it is summer. ♡ In my imagination I was getting ALL ready to go,  when it dawned on me. Wait, a Second….It is NOT summer…and I CAN NOT go to the beach today.!

Because,  I have LOTS of work to do in preparation for an “April in Paris” Tea party that
I’m hosting TOMORROW for a small group of friends. OMG! I better get going! The weather here is like summer,  and I was sort of planning on a Spring Tea. Gee… I wonder if my very cute, adorable,  and fun friends would mind a last minute change of plans?

It would be a perfect place to get in touch with
that Inner child, we all love,  and cherish.

   And, oh what a delightful way to spend a               summer like, Springtime day! ♡

I’ve  ALWAYS wanted to host a tea party at the beach. Okay,  that settles it. .. I am calling my adorable sweet friends right now. I am going to say “Dear sweet,  adorable friends, there has been a change of plans….Meet me at the beach for an “April in Paris” Tea on a summer like, Springtime day!” (smile)

Well,  okay maybe this isn’t such a great idea after all…♡which means that I better skedaddle.
Because I’ve got LOTS to do, for this Summer like, Springtime day tea for tomorrow!

Thank you for stopping by…and if YOU are lucky enough to get to the beach TODAY, have fun!

                                             Xoxo. . ..

            P.S. The beach will just have to wait…♡



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