ThE ArTiSt WaY.. A GaRdEn ToUr. ..♡


Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .♡


   Happy Saturday. .. How’s your weekend going so far…♡Well, of course I’m hoping it’s going great. And, I’m also hoping you have a few extra moments to get all comfy. Because, today I’m taking you to heaven. ♡(grin)


Okay,  we’re not really going to heaven,  or the Chateau De Fontainebleau in France….(darn) but I am sharing another soulful place with you. One that you won’t need to renew your passport for either. All that’s required is to breathe in, and just relax.

Well, there are GaRdEn ToUrS EvErYwHeRe right now. And if I’m not careful….I will need to refinance our home to attend ALL of them.  (Giggle, giggle)
However,  the one I attended recently  was at a friends home in the charming city of Redlands, California.

And,  it was free. … Oh,  I probably shouldn’t have said that. Oh, well.  Anyway,  her name is Cindy Ellis. Cindy is an exceptional artist, who  I met  just a few years ago. She had invited me to a special event. And, It just so happened, her home was ALSO on a local GaRdEn ToUr. Cindy and I click in LOTS of ways. A huge one, is that we both live in 1920’s cottages, and have very similar decorating styles. So, this is your lucky day my friend, because I thought her GarDeN was so beautiful, that I asked her if I could share it on my “Marcia’s Cottage” blog.  And, of course she said yes! So, put your feet up…. and enjoy the beauty. ♡

San Bernardino-20120422-01602

















San Bernardino-20120422-01600




Perhaps,  I’ve inspired you to find a little Spring GaRdEN ToUr where you live. I hope so.  It’s a wonderful way to pick up a few ideas for your own garden. .. and also experience a little heaven on earth.♡

Thank you for stopping by today. Enjoy your weekend.♡I hope it’s heavenly. …♡

Xoxo. ..


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