Kiss of Life



“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt





I had a really good week. How about you?




I got a clean bill of health this week at my doctors appointment




I might be getting a chicken!



Somehow both these things made me realize just how wonderful, special, and fragile life is. This week also marked the 3rd anniversary of moving to the Oregon coast. Let me rephrase…



This weekend marks the 3rd anniversary date that our California property opened escrow. I always remember the date since it was Memorial Day weekend. It was such a bittersweet time for me.



Looking back I now see clearly that what I was really looking forward to was the adventure of it all.



That moment of intentionally taking a different path in life. Just for the experience. 



I wasn’t searching for happiness…I had that. What I really wanted and was ready for was a new adventure…just for the experience.



To try a different path…one which may or may not turn out quite how I expected.



 Looking back I see how unexpected events and the strangest people ( I don’t mean that in a bad way) have become my strongest supports friendships…



that in someway has also helped me become stronger…and yes….perhaps without seeking it….even happier.



If for no other reason that I tried another path…just for the experience.



A neighbors Blue Laced Red Wyandotte has decided to roost in our yard. I’ve named her Trixie. Below she is meeting Darjeeling for the first time. I love their interaction.💕



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3 Responses to Kiss of Life

  1. Joe says:

    Happiness seems to radiate as a by product of your joyful post!
    How did you get such a wonderful kitty

  2. Barbara says:

    I love your stories/adventures. And the chicken is a delight! Blessings on all your adventures. Barbara

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Barbara!
      So glad you were able to drop by for a visit. I’m glad you enjoy my little stories/adventures. The chicken is a surprise element for sure. Take care and enjoy the weekend

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