Birdies, Bird House, & The Garden Lady


”I am more myself in a garden than anywhere else on earth.”~Doug Greene




How was your week?





I spent a good part of the week outdoors specifically in my garden. 



The weather has been a perfect combination of sunshine



and blue skies with large puffy clouds.



The more time I spend in the garden…



the more I’m convinced that gardens are for gardeners and for non gardeners alike.



A garden is the source of many experiences…



different satisfactions.



There is gardening and then…



there is being in the garden.



 There are gardeners who love nothing better than wrestling with the elements digging bare fingers deep in the soil, struggling with shovels, digging and re-digging, planting and re-planting…



making and remaking their gardens as they strive toward that dream in their mind. They are the artists and the engineers of the garden…



they thrive on the challenge of turning bare ground into something lovely and fruitful.





 Even though I’ve always been involved with what is happening in the garden…



I see myself more as the garden lady who enjoys frequent excursions to wonderful garden shops…



perusing the aisles for plants already blooming,



returning home with a flat or two of smiling pansies or pretty primroses ready to place in a bed, planter, or window box.



My garden is continually changing…transformation is all around me and nature.



 I’m  learning  that a good garden evolves and changes along with me and my needs. There’s no need to feel bad if I decide to rip out a plant or shrub because I found something else to plant.



I’m often on the lookout to see what needs to be changed…and want my garden to always be in the growing mode… Just like our lives they are not planted in concrete.



As I mature, I’m hoping to become wiser…more open to change…growth…and the wonders of new beginnings.





 1 ounce gelatin, birdseed, boiling water bowls, string for hanging loops, and cute little molds.


In a mixing bowl add 1 ounce gelatin and one cup of boiling water and stir until all of the gelatin has dissolved. Add birdseed (about three cups…depending on the kind of bird seed) You want to make sure the mixture is pretty stiff.  Spoon in the mixture into molds.  Cut your yarn for the hanging loops, knot one end and stick the knot  into one seed cake. Cover the knot with a little birdseed mixture to make sure it will set firmly. Wait for the gelatin to harden. You can leave the cakes at room temperature to set…however it’s much quicker if you put them in the fridge. To get the sweet cakes out of the mold quickly dip into hot water…it will pop! Birdseed cakes for the birds! Now you can go hang them out in your garden with great delight watch the birds twitter around them. 🤗👩‍🌾



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5 Responses to Birdies, Bird House, & The Garden Lady

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for that wonderful reflection of gardening and the deeper truths it reveals!

  2. Pat Stansel says:

    I noticed that Darjeeling is getting brave around the interloper chicken !

  3. Jenny Bonynge says:

    What a lovely garden you’ve created since your move. I have been lax in reading your blog as we decided to move back to the country after living in the city for 2 & 1/2 years. We just belong in the wide open spaces! Now I get to start a new garden (once again!). Seeing your beautiful roses, and having left behind lovely pink roses, I now want to get some planted here at our “new” house. There is one small area of flowers here with one rhododendron, one azalea and one hydrangea. This Autumn I will get some Spring bulbs planted and begin again! Thanks for sharing your lovely little paradise…XO Jenny

  4. Marcia Ren says:

    Hello Jenny,
    I was wondering how you adjusted to the city. Well…you gave it a good try. Your garden will be growing beautiful roses very soon…and this time next year you will be glad you made the change. I often think that the work involved in making a wanted change is a little like wearing braces. The time is going to go by…so you might as well begin the work, and before you know it….everything will be beautiful and over. My change was just the opposite…I moved from a fairly large city to a small town. I’m happy for you my friend. Happy Memorial Day weekend.‍

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