Exciting Times Ahead: My First State Convention as P.E.O. President!🌟

All beginnings are difficult…

-Chinese Proverb

Hello, sweet friend…

summer blue/white stripe with denim

I am thrilled to share some incredible news with you all… I have been elected as the P.E.O. president of our chapter, and the excitement is simply overflowing!

boho chic

What makes it even more extraordinary is that I will soon be attending my very first state convention. This opportunity is a true blessing, and I am filled with gratitude for the chance to represent our local chapter in this remarkable event.

boho with denim jacket

The state convention opens doors to a world of knowledge about our beloved organization P.E.O. which stands for Philantropic Educaional Organization and holds a special place in my heart. It is dedicated to empowering women through educational opportunities, and I am eager to learn more about its rich history, values, and the impact it has on countless lives.

a touch of preppy

The convention will provide a platform for me to delve deeper into the essence of P.E.O. equipping me with valuable insights to further contribute to our chapter mission. Another aspect that fills me with joy is the prospect of meeting new people. I am excited to connect with fellow P.E.O. members from different chapters who are united by a shared commitment to making a difference. The chance to exchange stories, ideas, and experiences with individuals who share a common passion is invaluable.

summer black/white & denim

I look forward to forging new friendships, nurturing connections, and inspiring individuals within the P.E.O. community. I’m also excited about the opportunity to explore a new town in this beautiful state.

causal chic

Of course, we mustn’t forget the fun aspect of the state convention! One delightful part of the preparation is curating outfits that I plan on wearing during this fun and exciting adventure.

comfy floral and flowy

As I reflect on the upcoming convention, I am overwhelmed with feelings of luck and honor. Representing our local chapter is a privilege that I do not take for granted. The opportunity to learn, grow, connect, and contribute to the P.E.O. community fills me with a deep sense of gratitude.

flower & denim comfortable casual

I am eager to embrace this adventure with open arms, and make the most of every moment. So here’s to the excitement that lies ahead… The chance to immerse myself in the wonderful world of P.E.O. meet incredible people, learn, grow, and create lasting memories. I am truly grateful for this opportunity, and cannot wait to embark on this remarkable journey. Oregon, here I come!

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16 Responses to Exciting Times Ahead: My First State Convention as P.E.O. President!🌟

  1. Barbara Stoffel says:

    Those are some great outfits. The best to you and Congratulations Marcia. You go girl!!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Dear Barbara,

      It’s always so nice to see you here. I hope things are goings well in California and that you are enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Thank you for your good wishes and glad you enjoyed seeing my outfits! Take care my dear friend.

  2. Marge says:

    Congratulations! Does the organization pay for your food and lodgings? I love the embroidered white sleeveless dress in the corner. You didn’t take that one? I pray your attendance was successful in all ways. Until next time.

    • marcia says:

      Dear Marge,
      Thank you for your thoughtful message. You brighten my day, and I am grateful to have you in my corner. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

      Warmest regards,


  3. Monica says:

    Have a grand time. It is a great opportunity to be involved in something so important. I like the flowers and denim outfit.

    • marcia says:

      Dear Monica,
      My sincere gratitude for your kind wishes regarding my upcoming trip…btw…I like the denim outfit too!



  4. Jose says:

    I am so happy for you and P.E.O. to have such a wonderful President for your local chapter. I really hope you enjoy the State Convention and make many valuable connections.
    I really enjoyed all your wonderful outfits and know you will have fun with them!!

    • marcia says:

      Dear Jose,

      I am filled with excitement and anticipation as I prepare to embark on this journey. Thank you again for your kind wishes and encouragement…they mean a lot to me, and I truly appreciate your support.

      Wishing you a safe Memorial Day weekend.


  5. Foord Barbara says:

    Marcia, we are so excited you are representing Chapter CC and look forward to you sharing your first adventure as our President!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Dear Barb,
      Embarking on this role has been an exciting journey so far, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as President for Chapter CC…which is both an honor and a privilege.

  6. Barbara Niles says:

    I’m so excited for you to share this adventure. Have a wonderful time of love, friendship and learning

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Dear Barbara,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment . I truly appreciate you support and encouragement. You were right when you told me attending the convention would be a wonderful experience.

  7. Barbara Niles says:

    I’m so glad it was a positive experience for you. Looking forward to our next in person visit. Hi to Joe

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Dear Barb, I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am that you had the foresight to recognize how much I would benefit from attending. Hugs dear friend!

  8. Donna L Kelly says:

    CONGRATULATIONS….what an honor!!!!!

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