Fall in Love with My Autumn Decor: A Blush of Warmth and Elegance🍁

Autumn whispers it’s secrets to decorators, inviting us to simplify, the canvas and embrace a new color palette, where nature’s hues paint a tapestry of joy in our homes.🍂

Hello, sweet friends…

As the leaves outside began to change their hues, I found myself inspired to transform our home’s interior to embrace the beauty of the fall season.

This year, my decorating journey led me to revamp our living room, dining alcove, and a small vestibule-all with a new color palette that added a touch of sophistication to the warmth of autumn.

One of the most exciting aspects of this year’s fall decor was the change in color scheme. Departing from the traditional oranges and browns, I opted for a more delicate and elegant look with blush pinks and light marantz (a soft, muted shade of coral). This choice was motivated in part by the new furniture we had purchased earlier in the year, which had these soft tones that I wanted to harmonize with.

The dining alcove, a cozy space perfect for intimate gatherings, was my first canvas, I added a touch of whimsy by incorporating some delightful MacKenzie Childs decor pieces.

The playful patterns and vibrant colors of their products provided a charming contrast to the subtler hews of blush and marantz.

A dear friend gifted me with a collection of charming pumpkins, each uniquely designed, which added a lovely fall touch to our dining space.

The vestibule, often overlooked but of utmost importance to me, was transformed into a space that embodies a warm and inviting atmosphere.

While I aimed for an elegant fall decor, I couldn’t resist sprinkling in a few hints of traditional Fall spirit with a pair of scarecrows I’d purchased at a vintage shop in downtown Riverside, California. Subtle touches such as mini pumpkins and a few other selected items were added to make our home feel just festive enough for the season. It’s essential for me to strike the right balance between the warmth of fall and the excitement of a new season, as the vestibule is the first impression guests have when they enter our home.

As the season unfolds, I can’t help but wonder how you are decorating for fall this year. Are you going for a traditional look or embracing a unique color scheme like I did? Whatever your style, I hope you find as much joy and warmth in your fall decor as I have in mine. Happy decorating!

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2 Responses to Fall in Love with My Autumn Decor: A Blush of Warmth and Elegance🍁

  1. Jose says:

    Thank you for sharing your Fall colors and especially Marantz.
    I really enjoyed what you did in your living room, coffee bar and vestibule.
    Appreciated the idea of using different shades of color instead of the traditional Autumn colors.
    I hope you enjoy the Autumn.

  2. Marcia Ren says:

    Hi Jose,
    Changing the color scheme turned out better than I had hoped. So glad you like it!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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