A ReTuRn To GrAtiTuDe…..

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

              Happy Friday! How was your week? Some days just seem to be out of sync.
                                                      What do you think……

I suppose this past week was kind of sort of like that. It began with the sad disappointing news of comedian Robin Williams. He made us laugh and cry. He gave us light, and struggled with his own darkness. Perhaps, in addition to this news you had your own difficult circumstances too. We all do…it comes with life…difficulties with family or colleagues, feelings of sluggishness or pure exhaustion from everything that needs to get done, be done…or perhaps expected. A combination of small and not-so-small frustrations piling up. We might call this the darkness of life.

Oh, but then Tuesday arrived…and I was outside late at night looking up at the stars, and moon in total amazement. A moonbeam of light.

Wednesday, a high school friend posted a funny cartoon on Facebook for me….oh, and then my neighbor stopped by for an unexpected visit, and brought cookies with sprinkles on them. I love cookies with sprinkles on them.

And, of course School started for many children. Beginning school is over the top exciting for everyone! Later in the week I had so much fun accepting the ALS ice bucket challenge. An illness that touched my family over 20 years ago, with my wonderful mother. I certainly would not have ever imagined then that  20 years later, I’d be on Facebook dumping ice all over my head challenging friends to do the same, to promote an awareness for ALS. As the week comes to an end, what began as darkness….seems to to be uplifted…and somehow I feel grateful. My gratitude doesn’t make the problems and challenges disappear..of course not. However, it certainly transforms my attitude…which allowed me to see the many blessings that                                                       came my way this week.

                             Now that’s the pretty powerful….

                                           Enjoy your weekend sweet friend.                                   


“A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love.” ~Mother Teresa

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