A FuNnY ThINg HaPpEnEd On ThE WaY To VoNs…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Saturday! Do you have a fun Saturday planned? Of course I’m hoping you do….because that’s what the weekend is for….ahhhhh yes….relaxing, and do nothing if that’s what your heart desires….

I guess I should warn you…this might be one of those posts where when I can’t stop talking I chat a lot.(laughs)
Well, my hopes and dreams today are all about getting together with a fabulous friend.

I finally get to celebrate her birthday with her. I had to bribe her with lots of gifts, and lunch Ha! Ha!…of course I’m kidding. of course
And,  boy oh boy, yesterday was soooooo interesting. I always do my French woman shopping. (aka…fresh salmon…veggies…for our Friday dinner)

 However, I had to reschedule a hair appt. for my special Saturday lunch date. Which meant that I had to do time schedule adjustments. I had also planned on a quick coffee visit with another friend…(geezer…am I popular or what!) anyway…had to cancel that. But I HAD to get my hair done, and FOCUS on my French Woman groceries.

As I was leaving the house I noticed a few garden items that I hadn’t put back on the deck since we painted it.

I thought gee I really didn’t want them on the deck anymore. So, before I knew it I loaded them up, and drove to a darling little antique store. I spoke to the owner, and told her she could have some of these things.

I also mentioned, that she is the ONLY person I knew (other than myself) that might even appreciate them. “oh, yes!” she said.

Owner of cute antique store: “I remember when you bought that from me years ago” Me: “really?”

OOCAS: “yes, I remember that chair” Me: “no, I don’t think so….I remember purchasing it from (name of another local dealer) OOCAS: “well perhaps, you bought it from her, but she had purchased it from me” OOCAS, and Me: “Ha! Ha! Ha!” Me: “well, how about we make a deal…I have a few more items.(to sell) and you can come over one day next week:” OOCAS: “great! can I bring a friend or two?” Me: “sure!” So off I go to my grocery store…..which of course by this time have completely forgotten what I was going to get….

                                                         Oh, but then I remembered….of course.

 Do you ever do random, silly, out of the ordinary, crazy,  fun things like that? You: “Yes….of course!”

                                                                        Have a delightful Saturday….



“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”
~George Bernard Shaw

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