Postcards From Abroad…The Ritz Hotel


Le Ritz, c’est ma maison”







Today Joe and I are celebrating our 15twedding anniversary!







and just arrived at our big destination…



The Ritz Hotel in Paris, France…More



 we had been planning this trip for quite some time…15 years










as you might imagine…we were so excited…



From the moment we arrived we were overwhelmed with the service…elegance…and beauty of the hotel.





As we waited for our lunch reservations we were invited to tour the hotel by a staff member…













After the tour we were seated out in the garden in a private area for lunch.







It was a perfect day in Paris and the garden was breathtakingly beautiful.😘



Joe ordered a cheese plate…



I ordered lobster rolls…



and we shared a carmelized slice of apple pie for dessert.



After a leisurely lunch our guide whose name was Abdul arrived to take us to our suite.



As we entered the room I was taken aback by the view from the entry…



floor to ceiling glass doors overlooking Paris…



I noticed a bouquet of long stem white roses from Joe💋



The room was beyond anything I could have imagined…in luxury…elegance…refinement…perfection. Being overwhelmed with Joy all I could do was stand there and weep.  Abdul said he had to leave because he was afraid that he too might begin to cry.



This was a moment that will never be forgotten. On this day our 15th wedding anniversary we made it to the Ritz and were in the lap of luxury.







That being said we luxuriated…



in everything…



sitting outside on the balcony over looking the city…



ordering room service.



We ended our day by slipping in a nightcap at The Bar Hemingway.



It was exceptional…



We vowed to one day return…

to be continued…


Now join me for a mini tour of our suite….













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10 Responses to Postcards From Abroad…The Ritz Hotel

  1. Marge says:

    What a beautiful post! Everything looks elegant and timeless. Certainly neither of you will forget this anniversary. May you enjoy many more.

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you for ‘Ritzy’ treat!
    What a fabulous way to celebrate your love after 15 wonderful years!

  3. Donna Kelly says:

    I have NO words…….xoxo

  4. Jenny Bonynge says:

    One can certainly see where the term “Ritz” fits in…such elegance! Felt like a princess did you??? ;0)

    • Mary Jane Newman/Pike says:

      Every Girl’s Dream and you and Joe made it happen! Special anniversary never to be forgotten. To the Royal American couple Happy Anniversary again.

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jenny, what a special treat it was for Joe and I to be able to have such a wonderful anniversary. The Ritz was beyond my imagination. We can’t wait to return someday! I’m terribly sorry for replying to this post so late..the holidays swooped me away. Happy 2019 sweet friend!

  5. Marcia Ren says:

    Mary Jane you are such a dear. Thank you for sharing in our anniversary joy and life. It was a wonderful time for us…yes…a dream come true.

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