Postcards From Abroad…The Avonmore Hotel London…A Manicure…& Bon Vivant


          The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way” 






I’m heading out to join friends for lunch…and before I go I just had to share a bit more of my travels.





Today we continue along with the second half of our trip where we got off from the Heathrow Express and took the train to the San Pancras Station because this is where we planned on taking the Chunnel to Paris the next day.



Even though the station was within walking distance we decided to take a cab to the Avonmore Hotel More



which was in the Cartwright Gardens section of the city and very close to San Pancras Station.



When we arrived at the hotel…



 the gentleman at the desk told us our room was on the fifth floor…(there was no lift)🙀



and then switched us to the first landing.



We got settled in…



then went out in the neighborhood to find a place to eat…mail my postcards…and get a manicure (me) The Cartwright Gardens is  located in the University of London district and had wonderful energy in the downtown area with many of the university students living in the area.  (The Avonmore had once  been a dormitory for students) We followed the concierge’s suggestion to check out the Brunswick Center on Marchmont St. for a nail salon…and sure enough I found one…and was even more delighted to get right in. The gal who did my nails was so sweet… she shared with me about her future dreams of getting married…and how one day she would like to move out of the city and into the country. I shared with her about being on an anniversary holiday and just returning from the Cotswolds explaining how I understood why she loved the countryside…



Marchmont was a great street to walk around and later on we decided to have dinner at Bon Vivant a French restaurant in the neighborhood. We sat outside and indulged in people watching  as we ate our delicious meal. The next morning we went down to the basement to the kitchen…and where a full English breakfast was served.



I began to imagine what life was like during those earlier years for both the servants and their wealthy owners who  had once lived there.💕



After breakfast we took our time walking to the station and then waited patiently to catch the Chunnel which will be taking us to Paris today!💋



see you soon!❌⭕️❌



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3 Responses to Postcards From Abroad…The Avonmore Hotel London…A Manicure…& Bon Vivant

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us!
    It is fun traveling along and the weather seems very agreeable!!

  2. Donna Kelly says:

    oh myyyyy… are holding me in SUSPENSE now…..cant wait!!!!!

  3. Jenny Bonynge says:

    TOO fun!

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