A Serene Saturday Night?


As we settled into a prime location on our favorite bluff overlooking a calm moonlit sea, enjoying the effects of a leisurely dinner on our first Saturday night date night in a while, our reverie was broken by the frantic phone calls being made by a woman as she alternately peered through her binoculars and spoke in the phone.

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“I can see him,  I can see him! ” We heard.


Roused by our curiosity my husband inquired of the seeming emergency.


“My son is in that fishing boat out there, that’s the little light! We just found out, that he is being towed by his friend, but his friend had to sever the tow because he’s running out of gas, and had to get out to save himself!”


We all contemplated the possibilities. The woman said “I’m sorry, but I have to go! I have to go!” and left.


With the un~ expected turn of events of our Saturday date night, and our curiosity piqued, we ventured to the harbor to learn of the news of the fate of the son.


As we approached the mouth of the river suddenly a flash of light, and the sounds of engines streaked by us at incredible speed.


We realized that the coast guard was to the rescue. As we settled into a prime vantage point to experience the rescue our hearts lightened, and we became giddy with joy. We watched as the coast guard cutter passed with the little fishing boat in tow, and thought now that was a Saturday night date night!


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8 Responses to A Serene Saturday Night?

  1. Kristie says:

    God Bless the Coast Guard!

  2. Susan Gesch Ramsey says:

    A story within a story…

  3. Mary Schumeyer says:

    Oh wow! Tense situation, but all’s well that ends
    well. Thank goodness!

  4. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Hurray for the Coast Guard! And I had read that they were contemplating ending their base near you…shocking! There will always be boats with humans that need help…what are they thinking??? A bit of excitement for you and Joe, eh?

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jenny! Oh, I didn’t know that they might be ending here. That would be disappointing. They are valuable to all.♡

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