It’s June Again




Yikes! It’s swimsuit season again.

What happened?

I meant to be thinner by this time!

Whoops….I forgot.

I must be getting older.

My memory keeps playing games with me.






I think I meant to spend March, April, and May working out at a gym.

2016-05-31 13.26.27

Wait a second… I don’t belong to a gym.


Or had I wanted to eat more alfalfa, and raw carrots?

2016-05-31 13.22.56

Hmmmm….but I don’t eat that stuff either. Thankfully! Living on the coast has somehow helped me forget that ice cream, pizza, and chili rellenos are not weight-reducing items.



I love coastal living!  forgot that sitting down all winter and spring tends to put on the pounds, and that in order to slim down, one needs to get baking oops, meant moving.


In a way I’m glad I forgot. It’s not that bad, really.


And, seriously how much does all this really matter? Sometimes I just have to close my eyes when I’m at the grocery check out to avoid those magazines.


You know the ones. Those that scream a not-so-subtle message that if we aren’t slim and trim, we aren’t desirable. Something like if we don’t have our bodies under control, our lives must be out of control, or there’s something wrong with us. This message is aimed at women. However men, & even children most likely are effected.  I remember a beautiful little girl in my class one year who was on a diet. Trust me she was one of the tiniest little things.



Don’t get me wrong, it’s one thing to be concerned about health, to eat foods that are good for us, and to get enough exercise to keep reasonably fit. Over, and over I’m learning that living a happy life is all about living in balance.


The former teacher in me says Just say no to all the other silly, stuff.


Okay now off for my June walk.


See ya!


“She knew this transition was not about becoming someone better, but about finally allowing herself to become who she’d always been.” ~anonymous

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4 Responses to It’s June Again

  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Thank you for your lovely post!
    I believe your quote at the end sums it up best for me!

  2. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Yep! I agree about the whole weight issue. Keep moving and stay within a reasonable (!) weight range for your height. ‘Tis the season for healthful eating with all of the veggies and fruits from our local farmers…support them!

  3. Marcia Ren says:

    Hi Jenny! This the season for moving, and healthy eating. …yeah! Btw…great to see you!

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