You’ve got a friend in me…♡


More and more friends have mentioned that they enjoy when I re~post a story, because they often hadn’t seen it before. I’m not surprised since when I first began blogging  as “Marcia’s Cottage” I used a”free” Google+ hosting site, and there were limitations. Then I transitioned to “Marcia’s Cottage by the Sea” using WordPress, & my own  site.  I basically started all over again with building up readership. Bla…bla…blaaa… (grin) So anyway it’s really fun for me to re~share a story. Especially great ones. And, of course great ones are always any of those about friendships which have been rekinkled.


You’ve Got A Friend in Me

Re~post February 2014

Written by Marcia Ren

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today. Let’s share a cup of tea. ♡
I’ve been expecting you and have everything ready for our little visit. ♡I hope you like what I’ve prepared for us this morning.

How was your weekend? Did you do something special? I hope you had some fun and were also able to relax with family and friends.♡

I had a fabulous weekend. On Saturday I spent the day with my once upon a time, long ago,  good friend from high school.


(Sorry for such a lengthy sentence) now you can breathe.  My day started off with such excitement!

“Good-bye sweet house, and wonderful family.  Wish me luck!” The drive into Orange County was perfect, and in no time at all, I had arrived at one of my favorite little restaurants in Fullerton.  It’s called Rutabagorz.  Perhaps you have been there. Isn’t it fun! Both my friend and I attended CSUF… and we’re very familiar with this hip little eatery.

We hugged and giggled in the parking lot. After many,  many,  years we were able to rekindle this high school friendship.  I’m wondering if you have had a similar experience my friend.  Perhaps after many, many,  years you too were able to reunite with a long ago friendship? I hope so .. because it is so special to the moon and back!!!

I think when this photo had been taken we had eaten, and definitely been chatting for close to 4 hours. Well, we did have close to 100 years to catch up on… of course I’m stretching time just a little…

I think we have the cutest names in the whole wide world.  Karyn Fox, and Marcia Ren .A little birdie, (me) and Fox. (Her) Karyn had told me she was dying to squeeze my sweet cute little face. ..AND she did! Looking at this photo. .I should have definitely squeezed her extremely adorable face too!

After they kicked us out of Rutabagorz (sort of just kidding) we decided to take a mini field trip (sorry that’s the former elem. teacher voice in me) to the Orange circle. Yippee more fun!!!

We perused the Orange circle shops… We found the nicest, sweetest guy to take photos of us in this cute little cupcake shop..♡

Ok.. I’m putting a plug in for an adorable little tea room called Paris in a Cup. … The proprietor was so gracious (because they were closing for the day) to take photos of us. Karyn was determined to get us matching friendship bracelets. ..a reminder of our commitment to our friendship in the future. ♡


Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you had a nice visit. Have a lovely day.

Xoxo. ..



After that first re~kindleship, Karyn and I continued meeting for dinner regularly in Orange County for. Well. ..that is until I moved 900 miles away to the Oregon coast. (grin)

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