Transitioning A Bedroom Into A Seasonal Closet: My Year-Round Closet Makeover on the Oregon Coast👚

Embrace the joy of each season by curating a closet that evolves with the weather… There’s a unique thrill in rediscovering, forgotten favorites and finding new ways to express your style…


A year ago, I embarked on an exciting home improvement project that has not only revolutionized my storage options but also injected a bit of seasonal flair into my living space. I transformed a small, underused bedroom into my main closet and have been honing its seasonal functionality ever since. As we strive to keep our spaces fresh and suited to our needs, changing seasons provide the perfect opportunity to re-organize and revamp our environments—my closet is no exception.

The Genesis of a Seasonal Sanctuary

Initially, the idea was straightforward: convert a spare bedroom into a closet that could accommodate not just clothes, but an evolving aesthetic reflective of the seasons. Living on the Oregon coast means that while temperatures rise during summer, the heat is moderate compared to other regions. Thus, my closet’s functionality needed to adapt to somewhat mild seasonal transitions, particularly between spring and summer.

Spring to Summer: A Closet in Transition

As the lush freshness of spring gives way to the bright, buoyant days of summer, my closet undergoes a transformation. Here’s how I manage the seasonal switch:

Step 1: Out with the Old

I begin by packing away winter garments which were handy during the chilly spring mornings. Thick sweaters and heavy jackets are stored away in favor of lighter, more vibrant options.

Step 2: Color and Light

As someone who loves a bit of aesthetic coherence, transitioning the colors in my wardrobe is essential. During spring, my closet features serene pastels and neutral tones. When summer approaches, I shift towards brighter, airier colors. Whites, light blues, and occasional bold splashes like coral or sunshine yellow dominate, reflecting the seasonal vibes perfectly.

Step 3: Organizational Flow

Organization is key to maintaining a functional closet. I re-arrange the layout to ensure summer essentials are easily accessible. Beachwear, light dresses, and lighter weight slacks take front and center, while transitional pieces like light cardigans remain reachable yet not in the forefront.

Step 4: Seasonal Decor

Finally, to truly embody the essence of summer, I add subtle decor elements to my closet. A vase with fresh or faux flowers, scented candles with tropical or floral fragrances, and small decorative items to help enhance the summery feel.

Reflecting On a Year of Closet Transformation

It’s been a year since this closet transformation began, and each season strengthens my appreciation for this dynamically functional space. Not only does this system allow for an organized way to handle a vast array of garments and accessories, but it also ensures that my environment constantly rejuvenates its alignment with the current season’s essence.

For those considering a similar transformation, remember that the goal is not merely to store your clothing but to create an inspiring space that shifts naturally with the cyclic nature of life. Whether you reside in the balmy heat or, like me, in the temperate climes of the Oregon coast, embracing the seasonal spirit within your closet can elevate both your mood and your home.

Here’s to many more seasons of joyful transformations in our homes and lives!

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  1. Donna L Kelly says:

    I LOVE your space!!!! I really intended to do this with our spare bedroom which is really the room all my belongings belong and live! I only sleep in OUR bedroom! But since we have a two bedroom home, I hate to get rid of the queen size bed in the spare room, so my dream fizzled! Great job you did in redecorating for Summer xoxo

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