Time for a change ..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡
Shall we have a little tea. ..♡

Lately I’ve been thinking about refining how I live my life. Not that anything is wrong with it… because of course I will be the first to admit   that I live a VERY charmed life.(Big smile)

Refining to me means improving things so they become more authentic and fulfilling.
I guess it’s similar to how I sometimes enjoy changing the look of a room. Because our Cottage is a small Cottage, and not a grand mansion. ..I don’t have a lot of options for change.  However I have found often any  change, makes a nice improvement to the room. Change is never easy, but it can lead to new and exciting opportunities that would never come if the change were not made. It’s actually very empowering because I discover new and better ways to experience and share our home. On a symbolic level my home represents my inner life. .. How things look, what their function is etc. .. The inner life is my soulful connection to all of that. I also know myself well enough to realize that when I start cleaning out rooms,  moving furniture, or sewing up a new window valance… I’m also making changes, and refining my inner life. ♡

I Enjoy looking for pretty sheets at thrift shops to create covers for chairs, or Windows.  It’s amazing the great deals and wonderful creative things you can make with a little imagination.

This little heart enjoys a cozy window seat.

This year I committed myself to create a schedule in which I could start sewing again. And I LOVE it. Sometimes I find scraps of fabric which I can sew a super easy pillow.. window valance, or perhaps even table covers with mix matchy place mats. ♡
Can I share a little secret? Well. .. many years ago,  I hardly purchased any clothing,  because I sewed all my own clothes! Sometimes when I see a dress I made. … well honestly I’m so impressed with myself. (Giggle, giggle)

Don’t you think this little dress is ageless. …♡

 There was a time that I created my own labels for all my clothes. It was so much fun!

These are a few dresses that I’ve saved for many years. I actually still love them, and occasionally will wear one for hosting a tea party. It gives me SO much pleasure that it’s still part of my life. I made these dresses well over 20 years ago,
They remind me of the importance to create, and bring those things into our lives that we love, and that bring us joy. ♡Yes. .. sometimes it means letting go of something too…♡ such is life.♡ I’m wondering if you ever feel the need for change my friend…♡Are there times when you too hear that little voice calling out to you? Saying try something new, creative. .. Perhaps something that is more authentic to who you are today….♡I sure hope so… because I have a feeling that’s where someone will be waiting to great you with JOY!

This isn’t a very good photo. .But I had to share this little gift from my friend Kathy. It’s a little angel that says wishing you. … “JOY”

My wish for you is to be yourself… Take a little time today just for YOU. Be YOUR own best friend, find something to say about YOURSELF that makes YOU happy.  Relax,  de-stress, pray,  meditate, and spread your wings and fly….♡

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope that you have enjoyed your visit. I wish you “JOY” My friend.

                                                    Xoxo. ..

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