Moonlight serenade….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. …♡

Isn’t this the most romantic dainty little teacup. .♡ I found that little tiny bouquet of pink roses. SWEET!

Well, our little cottage is officially ready for the Valentine month of February. ♡♡♡♡

Shall we take a little sweetheart tour. ..♡

I just adore these vintage salt and pepper shakers.  Can you see the precious little cherub? She likes to play hide in seek…♡

I always love the way the light filters into our little parlor. .. My friend Jill gave me that little pink dove… Can you see it? I hope it doesn’t want to fly away…♡

I have been collecting all things pink, and arranging them in small vignettes. That’s a mirror under the teacups. …I turned it into tray.♡

I love this teapot..I bought it for a STEAL because the lid was missing. ..I asked the shop owner if she had anymore (grin) because I love a good deal, and there’s so many things you can create with just the teapot. ♡(I’m serious)

Isn’t this Chandelier  gorgeous. ..I made it! It was actually quite easy. I have fun adding different accents for the changing holidays. For Valentines Day I added a string of glass hearts…. Can you see them? I like the way they dazzle up the Chandelier so I will more than likely keep 
them up.♡
This is a string of fabric hearts. A very sweet friend recently gave it to me. She said it reminded her of me… Aren’t I lucky! Can I tell you a secret. .. well,  those flowers are from a extrodinaire bouquet that my husband gave me back in December! I emptied out the roses (weep,weep) and kept the fillers. Now they are blooming again. Isn’t that amazing…I lOvE Mission Galleria Florist! 
This darling bear comes out every February. My sister Christine gave it to me. Isn’t it precious. Its hard to see, but she’s wearing a  small heart necklace. I LOVE it! I always fill the teacup with delicious heart candies ….. Unfortunately,  I ALWAYS eat them very quickly,  and then before I know it…’s time to get more!   (big wide smile)

This is a teeny tiny Cottage shelf in our teeny tiny guest bath. I decided to place a few happy birds singing in there. The pink wonderfully scented soap is from Katie. Thank you Katie!♡

I’m still working on the buffet table in the front parlor. Flowers, pink, silver, tea trays, a lace table top…Oh my! I think I forgot to mention that I’m getting ready to host a teeny tiny Valentine Tea party too! I can’t wait! Anyway, can you see the tall shelf in the back of this photo? I’ve had that for a thousand years….(translation..long time) oh I adore it! I had it custom built and painted. I treat it like a fine peice of art.♡

Of course our little garden needs happy decor too. Let’s walk down these steps to that little table..

I like having a Welcome table outside to greet guests. Of course I don’t leave these lovely items outside. .. I’m just in the deciding stages for when I host my tea party in a couple of weeks. Decisions,  decisions,  decisions….♡

This is a hand made heart, with little rosettes… Thank you Lillian!♡

Every Cottage needs a very bright and happy small garden flag.♡

This is my new Valentines flag that I recently bought in Santa Barbara. It reeks big smiles.
As you can see I love to create happy for Valentines Day. .. its all about LOVE…♡ I’m wondering how you decorate for this sweet day my friend.♡ I bet it’s love-ly.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit today. I hope you have a beautiful day.

                                               Xoxo. ..

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