HaPpy WeDnEsDaY…OuTdOoR RoOmS

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage.I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

With this warmer weather, I’m really enjoying sitting outside in the garden.  Early in the morning, I find a quiet little room to have my tea, or coffee in . Outdoor rooms are very easy to create. And, Summer is the perfect time to create one.

Perhaps to most, this appears to be a very large pomegranate tree. ..

 However,  it is actually a perfect spot to create a quiet get away.

I’d love to show you one of my favorite outdoor creations.

Outdoor rooms allow you a chance to enjoy the experience of living, rather than racing the clock.

I enjoy spending a day, or part of a day,  with absolutely nothing on my agenda.

When I take time to slow down…


I begin to notice little opportunities for ceremoniousness everywhere.

To follow my spirit, and be spontaneous. I can clear the muddy waters,  kicked up by too much rushng.

I become aware of my deep need for Grace in every possible moment.

Of course,  I’m not the only one that enjoys a little time alone….we all need a little time alone.



The nice thing about outdoor rooms, is that they are quiet little places to have some time to relax, and, let serenity, and peace be your company.

Happy Wednesday!

Xoxo. …

And leisure (which is not to be confused with empty time,  but which is time through which free,  life-enhancing currents flow) is something to be sought, and cherished. Leisure to think, and talk,  and write, and read.

~Professor John Livingston Lowes



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