Postcards From Paris💋


“The wisdom of a learned man {or woman} comes by opportunity of leisure…” -Ecclesiastes  38: 24-25


Hello… I hope you had a wonderful week!


Here are the cheese pastry puffs I shared with you in last weeks post. They were a huge success at my sweet little church’s Epiphany party. recipe





The inclement weather on the Oregon coast has not only  been a perfect opportunity for refreshing up the cottage…but for also refreshing my memory…



by going through my notes about our anniversary trip…there’s still so much to share with you! The Beginning✈️

here is…where we left off

All good things must  come to an end…unfortunately such was the case regarding our stay at The Ritz…(waaaa!)



so after breakfast we were ready to depart.



We planned on taking a cab back to Hotel Eiffel Turenne where we had made reservations for the next few days.



However before getting a taxi…



we decided to go for a walk through Plaza Vendome…



which was filled with fabulous shops…



and eateries.



So with camera in one hand and…



curiosity in the other



 we strolled the boulevard continuing along to Tuileries gardens…where we found a park bench to sit on while hearing the music of the merry-go-round…watching children playing…a group of older gentlemen playing bocce…



and…a vender who was roasting chestnuts next to a bridge…



where couples wrote their names on a lock…



then attached it on the wire of the fence…



Joe purchased a lock and I wrote our names on it…



we put it on the wired fence next to all the other locks…one day we will return






After a wonderful afternoon we caught a taxi and returned to the Hotel Eiffel Turenne nice, but not The Ritz 😉where we would rest…before planning our next few days in Paris.

Until next time…



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6 Responses to Postcards From Paris💋

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip and looking forward to what is next!

  2. Jenny Bonynge says:

    What a delightful time you must have had celebrating your loving relationship in a town we all associate with romance…XO

  3. Donna Kelly says:

    I am SO behind!!!! How did I ever miss you placing the lock on the fence? I love this tradition xoxo

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