✨Reflecting on New Year Goals Through Home Undecoration🥰

As the calendar turns, let the new year be a threshold to open the doors of home to hope, love, and endless possibilities. – Marcia As we step into the new year, I decided to take you along on a heartfelt journey of clearing out and winterizing my home after the festive season. Each room became a space for reflection, offering me the opportunity to contemplate my goals for the year ahead. Living Room Undecorating the living room was a poignant experience. As I carefully removed ornaments from the tree, it became a soulful experience, reflecting on the memories they … Read the full blog post

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Embracing the Extraordinary in Everyday Moments: Reflecting on 2023🌟

Embrace the blank pages of the New Year with courage, write your story in ink of joy, and may each chapter be filled with hope and resilience. 💗 As I reflect on the end of 2023, it feels like the closing chapter of a magical fairytale set against the backdrop of Carmel, California. The holidays were enchanting, and scrolling through my photos, each image tells a story of a life filled with beauty and love. From the beginning of the year, where every room in my home became a canvas of warmth, to meals crafted with love, every month was … Read the full blog post

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A Magical Christmas and Milestone Birthday; Celebrating in Carmel, California

In the dance of life, each day is a unique melody; celebrate its rhythm, for the symphony of existence, unfolds in the joy of embracing every precious note. – Marcia While I typically cherish the coziness of our home during the holidays, this year a Christmas getaway added a new dimension to our cherished traditions. The journey began when my husband proposed the idea of spending Christmas week in Carmel, California… a place known for its picturesque charm and idyllic coastal setting. After careful consideration and planning, he orchestrated a getaway that would not only include the festivities of Christmas … Read the full blog post

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Sipping Memories: A Coastal Christmas Tea Tradition

Embarking on the winding roads of nostalgia, I find myself back in the heartwarming embrace of tradition that took root years ago in the sun-soaked landscapes of California…the annual Christmas tea. What started as a simple gathering blossomed into a cherished ritual that endured, even as I traversed the journey to the coastal ranges of Oregon. While so much has changed since the days in California, the memories of those festive teas endure, a treasured tapestry of laughter, stories, and shared warmth. With each sip, I am transported back to the familiar gatherings, surrounded by loved ones, and the simple … Read the full blog post

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🎄Crafting Christmas Cheer: 🧑‍🎄A Day of Wreath Making with Friends🎄

Crafting Christmas wreaths with friends, each bough intertwined with laughter and shared joy, we weave not just greens but memories that adorn our hearts throughout the season. 🎄 – Marcia The holiday season is a time for warmth, togetherness, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing a delightful day with a group of ladies, where we gathered at a friend’s home for a unique adventure…learning how to make Christmas wreaths. This day was filled with laughter, creativity, and the joy crafting our own holiday decorations. In this blog post, I’ll share the wonderful … Read the full blog post

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Unveiling the Magic: My Festive Christmas Decorating Journey of 2023

In the warmth of home and the magic of Christmas, hearts aglow with love, creating a tapestry of joy that makes every season bright. -Marcia🌟 As November 1st dawned, I eagerly embarked on my Christmas decorating journey for 2023. With anticipation, I retrieved my Christmas bins from the attic, each box containing cherished memories and festive treasures. Sorting through decorations, I carefully selected elements to transform my living space into a holiday haven. Fueled by the spirit of the season, my goal was set to weave the magic of Christmas throughout the living room, dining alcove, and kitchen. The living … Read the full blog post

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🎄Cottage Christmas Magic: 🌟Part Three Unveils the Heartwarming Kitchen Wonderland🤶

In the heart of a cozy kitchen, the warmth of Christmas embraces every corner, as the aroma of festive delights create timeless memories. -Marcia In the enchanting third installment of my Christmas decorating series, I open the doors to a festive haven…the true heart of the home…the cottage kitchen. This year, a symphony of holiday delights comes to life, weaving a tapestry of joy and warmth. Step into a world of sweetness with a delightful collection of Candy Cane houses and whimsical trees adorning every corner. These charming additions bring a touch of magic & captures the spirit of the … Read the full blog post

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🎄🌟Decking the Halls: A Whimsical Affair in the Dining Alcove – ⭐️Christmas Decorating Part Two

Amidst the twinkling lights and festive ornaments, decorating for the holidays becomes a joyous symphony, of tradition and creativity… – Marcia Welcome back to my Christmas decorating series! In part one, we explored the elegant transformation of my living room into a festive haven. Today, join me as we step into the world of our dining alcove, where whimsy meets tradition. In this space I’ve created a cozy haven for the holidays. Two slender Christmas trees stand sentinel…one by the expansive window, the other gracing the French door window. The first tree, a whimsical ode to Santa, is adorned with … Read the full blog post

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🏡Embarking on Elegance: 🌟Transforming Our Living Room for the Holidays:🎄 Part 1 of 4 (or 5😉) Series

In the seamless dance of holidays, let Thanksgiving decor waltz with the festive cheer of Christmas! -Marcia The holiday season brings with it not only the crisp winter air but also the joyous task of transforming our living spaces into festive havens. In this series, I’ll be taking you on a journey through our home, starting with the heart of it all…the living room. Little did I know that the centerpiece of our living room would almost be cast aside. I stumbled upon a forgotten Christmas tree, thinking it had surrendered to the passage of time. However, what transpired was … Read the full blog post

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🎄Early Holiday Decorating:⭐️ Creating Joy and Organization🏡

Planning, organizing, and preparing for the holidays is the recipe for joy that warms the heart and brings people closer together. -Marcia🥰 The air is getting cooler, leaves are falling, and the holiday season is just around the corner. For some, the idea of starting the holiday preparations early might seem a bit premature, but trust me, it’s never too soon to begin crafting a festive and organized home for the upcoming celebrations. The day after halloween, I decided to jumpstart the holiday spirit by unearthing my Christmas decorating bins. There’s something truly magical about opening those bins filled with … Read the full blog post

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