✨Reflecting on New Year Goals Through Home Undecoration🥰

As the calendar turns, let the new year be a threshold to open the doors of home to hope, love, and endless possibilities.
– Marcia

As we step into the new year, I decided to take you along on a heartfelt journey of clearing out and winterizing my home after the festive season. Each room became a space for reflection, offering me the opportunity to contemplate my goals for the year ahead.

Living Room

Undecorating the living room was a poignant experience. As I carefully removed ornaments from the tree, it became a soulful experience, reflecting on the memories they hold. This process encouraged me to embrace the beauty of letting go and making space for new beginnings.

Dining Alcove

The act of undecorating the dining alcove prompted deeper introspection. Here, surrounded by the remnants of holiday celebrations, I found myself contemplating the symbolic act of putting away the old and making space for the new in 2024. This reflective moment led me to ponder my aspirations for the coming year, particularly focusing on intentional improvements in my life.


In the kitchen, the undecoration process provided a backdrop for considering specific goals for the year. One significant goal that emerged revolves around wellness, with a key aspect being increased hydration. Instead of reaching for a Diet Coke or iced tea, I’m making a conscious effort to prioritize drinking more water.

Undecorating my home after the festive season has thus served as more than just a task; it has become a meaningful journey of self-discovery and goal-setting. As the new year unfolds my reflections and intentions will allow these rooms to become new chapters of soulful living, each space narrating a story of serenity, joy, and purpose.

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3 Responses to ✨Reflecting on New Year Goals Through Home Undecoration🥰

  1. Jose says:

    Thank you for such an inspiring post. Never quite thought of “undecorating” before and never a a soulful experience. Will engage in my ‘soulful’ undecorating this year.
    Loved going from room to room and remembering how it gifted you and your family.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Donna L Kelly says:

    Dear Marcia…..I LOVE hearing you playing your piano!!!!! I ALWAYS wanted to learn and it never happened! Later years , I bought an old piano from someone and my daughter took a year of lessons from her music teacher , probably 4th grade or so. So many lessons were cancelled, and I found out Kimberly didnt want lessons! So be it! It was MY dream, not hers! Anyways. Funny you are mentioning water. This past Monday, I started filling up a huge travel mug with built in straw with water and leaving it on my counter. I drink from it at intervals and refill it. ITS HELPING!!!!! My friend is copying from me!!!!! Cheers to more water! I plan on increasing next week.

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Dear Donna,
      I am so grateful that I learned music at a very young age. I actually started with accordion lessons…and believe it or not my accordion was WHITE! (just like my piano that I have now) 🙂 I’m sorry you didn’t take lessons while you had a piano…however, it’s never too late.
      Great idea about the water bottle. I do a similar thing with my water drinking goals. I’m already showing a huge improvement too.

      Happy New Year dear friend.

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