MeEt tHe KiDs…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Hope you had a great week, and that if you are a mom, hope to be a mom, or just happy with wherever you are in the mom world…I would like to wish all of you a Happy Mother’s Day. Being that I had thought last weekend was Mother’s Day, and did a Mother’s Day post today I thought I’d write a little post about my own kids. (grin)

With 30 years of teaching behind me, yippie! I just might have been a “surrogate” mom for about 900 kids. Ha! Ha!

      But, my real kids are the four I care for as lovingly, and dutifully as possible.

Okay, so here’s a little FYI tidbit.  Several years before I had my kids, I started hosting Tea parties, so it  seemed only natural (to me anyway) that each of my kids would be named after Teas.

There’s Teah, Earl, Darjeeling, and Cami. The two oldest are no doubt bestsies, and the two youngest are frienemies.

When Teah and Earl were young pups, Earl often aspired to be like Teah. He really looked up to her. Now, that they are older…well, that’s a whole other story. W.a.i.t.!!!! Did I say “older”?

 How very strange it is to think that I have kids who are now older than I am! Reminds me of the movie Adeline. Did you see it? Well,  anyway, if you had a chance to read my Mother’s Day post, I also mentioned that I am now about the age that my mother was when she passed away. Wow….sure puts things in perspective.

I’m about my mother’s age, and my kids are older than me. Well, at least Cami and I can still hang out together, since she and I are about the same age. Oh, wait, I think she might be a little older…



                                                      Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely ladies….


Meet my kids….♡


1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup oil
4 eggs
1 small carton sour cream
1 package chocolate pudding, instant
1 box yellow cake mix
1 package chocolate chips
powdered sugar

In a bowl, mix sugar, water, and oil. Mix in remaining ingredients, Pour into sprayed Bundt pan. Bake 350 for 1 hour. Cool 1 hour and put on cake plate. Top with powdered sugar and whipped cream.


1 cup whipping cream
1 tablespoon vanilla
2 tablespoons powdered sugar

Place a medium or large mixing bowl with beaters in the freezer for at least 2 hours 9better yet, overnight). Take bowl and beaters from freezer, pour in 1 cup of whipping cream. One cup of cream makes 2 cups when whipped. Whip with electric mixer on high until the cream makes peaks (stiff). Just before the peaks come, add 1 tablespoon of vanilla. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar to tast. Serve with chocolate cake…even though you will be tempted to just eat by itself. (grin)

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.
~Isaiah 66:13

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