Lessons from Barbie . …♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little Barbie tea …♡

I love vintage. … especially my vintage Barbies. .♡

Since January I’ve been going through one closet at a time. … Sorting out, re-purposing items, AND getting rid of things. Yesterday I came across my Barbie doll collection. Actually only one is a “real” Barbie The others are “wanna-bees.” One is called Tressy. Do you remember her? You press a little button on her stomach, and her hair grew REALLY long. And the other is Midge. Barbies best friend. She was very cute with freckles. I loved Midge because I had freckles too! Anyway I’m never getting rid of any of these! However. .. It did start me thinking  about some life lessons I’ve learned from MY Barbies. (giggle, giggle)

Ok…. This is a Barbie doll case my sweet mom surprised me with when I was in the 3rd grade.  I remember waking up one morning, and there it was sitting on the side of my bed!  I have never forgotten the joy I felt that day.  I have taken very good care of it all these years. So. ..Lesson 1. Always be open to Joyful surprizes.

Cherish and take good care of them because they will last a lifetime.♡(giggle, giggle)

This is what the inside of the case looks like.

I have spread out their adorable outfits for you to see. Each one is so special.

Notice the TWO pink purses. That little chain is part of a bracelet my father had bought me in Mexico. When it broke, I turned it into a Chandelier. Perhaps that was the beginning of my re-purposing “stuff”. (Big smile)

The same year my mother surprised me with the case, my grandmother paid a friend to sew a whole Barbie wardrobe. Lesson 2. It’s VERY important to have QUALITY cute clothes. (Grin)

I think the embroidered stitches are amazing…so tiny.

Notice the little snaps,  and rick rack with itsy bitsy flowers on the blue dress.

I tried to show the tiny details that were put into each outfit. This is a little fur coat. Isn’t it precious. Lesson 3 -Details are always  important.♡repeat. .. Details are ALWAYS important.

These three have been hanging out together since 3rd grade, and they were by each others side through the changing of times. Lesson 4- Make sure to have lifetime friends. ♡

My mother sewed this outfit from some extra fabric she had. ..

My grandmother crochet this outfit from some extra yarn she had…Lesson 5- Learn to be thrifty and resourceful. (I’m still working on the thrifty)

Oh my I almost forgot about this outfit… One of the many that my grandmothers friend made. Lesson 6-  Remember everyone is really good at something.
I’m wondering if you have something from your childhood too…. Perhaps something you have saved and cherished… I’m so glad that somehow since the 3rd grade I have been able to hold on to these special friends. I have the best memories. Wonderful joyous days just playing! And to think somehow I magically learned a few life lessons along the way. I’m getting rid of “stuff”  but holding on to these wonderful memories of childhood. Perhaps I will discover more of life’s hidden lessons too.  I hope so. ..I have  feeling they will bring joy forever.♡

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day.

                                             Xoxo. ..


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  1. You do live in a Barbie world!

  2. marciaren says:

    Yes. .. My sweet husband…. Thank YOU! Xoxo. ..♡

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