Holy Chic!

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend.  Shall we have a little tea. ☕

I’m swooning over this very pink Outfit.

Today a friend is picking me up for lunch.  Yeah!
She said it’s a belated birthday gift, and she’s treating.  Double, double YEAH! Before she arrives I wanted to share some really good info with you. especially if you are like me & have champagne taste on a root beer budget. 

It’s fashion week in London!(Big smile)
Actually what I REALLY wanted to say is that no matter how RICH one may be,  there are many places to put money that may just as well be saved.  And may I also mention as a former elementary school teacher… I’m FAR from being rich.  However I’ve always loved fashion, and a great bargain.
A few months ago I stumbled across this great shop.  And recently dropped in again. The shop is called Fashion House. The owner’s name is Belinda.  She sells high end fashion for great prices.
The Fashion House is a stylish and affordable French like Boutique located in the heart of Riverside, Ca. It’s mixed with new and lightly worn clothing.
Beleive it or not this whole little outfit was under $10!
Jacket $3, gap jeans $4, blue striped top $2. Yes. .. That’s a real Louis Vouiton. .. and my secret to financing it was…. ALL my “other” savings.
Let’s go on a little tour!
The Fashion House has a boutique like quality to it. Personally I LOVE this aspect.  It makes me feel special. (Head tilted, and sweet grin)
The ultimate shopping experience for me…
Is to purchase champagne clothing at root beer prices!
I see possibilities for this
adorable $7 skirt!
One ladies give -aways…are always another ladies treasures.
Goshy! Gosh! Gosh! Look what I just found. .. This is cute.!
Perhaps I might host a future “Downton Abbeyish”  Tea Party?
The Fashion House owner definitely has an eye for display too.
If you live in the area, or perhaps even just visiting I highly recommend checking out this adorable boutique.  Oh, and I forgot to mention… Belinda also purchases items from YOU, that no longer fit YOUR style.
Looks like my friend is here. Gotta run!
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  1. louise bigbie says:

    Recently called her number… disconnected.. The store is still there so I will go see what is up and if she is still buying. I am ready to purge again!!

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