I’m Being Followed By A Moonshadow



Hey there! I thought I’d pop in to share a bit of my eclipse experience here on the Oregon coast.

The Oregon islands are awesome. The huge rock is called Facerock. It looks like it is ready for eclipse viewing.

The morning walk was so beautiful…

that I lost track of time and needed to run back home and quickly make my Boy Scouts of America eclipse box!

Next I dashed out to a local coffee shop where they were handing out free eclipse glasses and coffee. You can never be too prepared

 There were quite a few people enjoying the moment. I met an adorable couple who were from Idaho.😎 I also ran into a few local friends.

Then I hopped in my jeep and headed to the beach where I experienced viewing a partial eclipse.exciting! (and of course now I’m starving)🐳

How was it where you live?

Here’s a glimpse of the Oregon coast around 12 minutes before the eclipse.

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