Feelin’ WiTcHy….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

  Happy Wednesday……”Feelin’ Witchy?”………….*wink*wink

Well, just in case…Here’s an adorable Wendi to paint….because she’s a good witch…

Halloween can be happy fun…instead of creepy, and crawly.


Oh, sorry…do you like creepy, and crawly. (grin) This little witch is easy smeasy, you will surely want to paint it on something cute.

I’m thinking paper bag, because it’s perfect for a hostess gift! However, napkins, or a tee shirt would be cute. Okay, so go get your paints…

Are you ready?https://marciascottagebythesea.com/2014/10/pumpkin-art-101/

Great! Now paint a round orange dot for her head using orange and white. Make a round stroke on one side and then the other…filling it in to the desired shape.

Wendi’s little black dress (smile) is made with 3 black strokes. You can use a medium round brush. 1st stroke flares to the left, then second stroke to the right…and third stoke down the middle.

The hem is jagged. For the arms, make two more stokes on each side of the dress. Her hat is made with a simple triangle and then make a wavy like stroke across the bottom for the brim.

I’m into CrAzY hair. So, use a thin small brush, and load it with brown and yellow. Paint fast squiggly lines outward, and upward.  Then little black X’s  for her eyes, and orange dots with the paintbrush end for her cheeks. Make 2 white stokes straight down from her dress for her legs. After they dry make bright orange stripes. I’m wild about polka dots…for her dress. And, of course you can decorate her hat with stars….or a moon.

Or both! Of course, the idea is to just get in touch with you inner good witch, be creative…and have fun!



“My angel wings are in the repair shop, so today I’m riding the broomstick” (grin)

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  1. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Cute idea!!!

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