MoNdAy’S MuSiNgS…ThE GuEsT RoOm…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

I Hope you had a relaxing, fun, and most enjoyable weekend.

My weekend was perfectly delightful. Actually, I wish I could have made it last forever.

On Saturday, I got together with some friends, and yesterday, my husband and I had a wonderful brunch, at one of our favorite restaurants in town. Now, I’m getting ready for company. ..oh,  and of course straightening up the Guest room for YOU dear reader. (grin)

I’m so E.x.C.i.T.e.D to share Marcia’s Cottage Monday Musings with you.

I’m thinking after today’s post…there will probably be another 2-3 before I complete the cottage tour series. (grin)

I hope that you are enjoying perusing the rooms with me. I’m delighting in sharing them. ..♡

And, most of all I hope to bring a little fun to organizing/living in your own beautiful home.

Oh, and I’m hoping that you are able to view the vlog I created. I am only able to post on FB right now.

So, just go to my MC Page, and you’ll get to hear a little bit more about this delightful room. (smile)

I personally LOVE small cottage homes.

I find it’s much easier to create the cozy, warm, loving experience I CRAVE….

Today, I’d love to share with you a perfect example of what I mean.

Our guest room is almost tiny, compared to many newer homes.

But, since comfort is really the key to any kind of hospitality for guests…

Tiny works out great! Our cottage is set up around the principle of hospitality.

My husband and I both enjoy welcoming guests for a meal, an evening visit , or just a cup of tea/coffee with dessert.

We are thrilled beyond belief when we have an extended stay from our company.

Our current guest room has been lovingly prepared to share with our guests. I enjoy decorating with the change of seasons.

I try to treat our guests like royalty. (smile)  There are french doors that exit to the side garden area for privacy. A “pink” writing desk, and dresser.

A shelf that currently holds my collection of teacups, and a few garden, decorating, and other good reads.

There’s a comfy bed, with lots of pillows.

And, a little closet to hang clothes, or sit in to read, draw, or dream.

This room has a wonderful french window, that opens up to the smell of orange blossoms, and roses.

Between the breeze, and the sweet smells…’s totally intoxicating.

There’s a small guest bathroom, that is separate from the guest room.

It too was built in 1920. so LOTS of sweet tiny charm cam be found inside.

I like to add special little guest towels, and soaps for my royal guests.

I believe that if we are lucky enough to have guests stay over…they need to be pampered. (grin) Remember, it doesn’t matter the size of the room at all. is all about making these special people feel welcomed.

Wishing you a wonderful week.


“But every house where Love abides

     and Friendship is a guest,

Is surely home, and home, sweet home;

    For there the heart can rest.”

~Henry Van Dyke


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