Downton 6E4


Tonight was another fun evening spent with my new friends, and fellow Downton fans here on the coast.


I’m finding much comfort while settling into these winter nights.


My friend Allegra graciously hosted again. I don’t think any of the ladies are excited to have me host.


Perhaps, it’s because our BIG tv is in the bedroom…or that currently our cottage is under the weather. (grin) Aka…the front room is getting a little make-over.


Anyway, Allegra’s home is charming. Here’s a link if you haven’t seen this tour.  It’s so nice to have beautiful cottages to enjoy the ending of this glorious season.


I’m savoring every last bite of this sumptuous feast.


I promise not to spoil anything big. (grin)


However, when Daisy took out her frustrations on the mashed potatoes…well, that must have felt good! I’m all for whipping mash potatoes when frustrated. Yes,  indeedy!


I must admit I always get hungry watching the staff in the kitchen.


I was touched by Anna’s happiness. I’m certain something adorably wonderful is going to happen.  So this week I prepared cupcakes again.


They make me happy to make, bake, decorate,  and eat!


And,  because our cottage isn’t feeling well. ..I did a super quick bakers trick.


I baked semi homemade. Betty Crocker french vanilla cake mix, (I substitute using olive oil for super moist)


I find the store bought buttercream frosting also works quite well when you want to save a bit of time.


How did you enjoy this last episode?






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4 Responses to Downton 6E4

  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Sorry, I was concentrating on the cupcakes and forgot to watch the episode! !

  2. Marcia ren says:

    Hi cupcake king Joe! It’s lots of fun to watch DA with you in our sweet little cottage. More are being baked as we speak. Xo

  3. Jenny Bonynge says:

    I love that Anna is expecting! And perhaps that young male worker, who is SO interested in pig farming, will sweep Daisy off her feet… ;0) The Dowager never disappoints!

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